Minor updates on college admissions scandal.

March 29, 2020, 4:01 pm

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Not a lot of developments on the college admissions fiasco in the last several weeks. Two more sentencing hearings are scheduled over the next two weeks.

Some updates:

3/26/20 – New York Post – Lori Loughlin, college admissions scandal parents urge judge to drop charges. Read the rest of this entry »

Recap of sentences handed down in college admissions scandal as of 3/12/20.

March 12, 2020, 7:00 am

Metropolitan Correction Center San Diego. Photo by James Ulvog.

Currently, fifteen parents have been sentenced in the “Varsity Blue” college admissions scandal. I’ve noticed two coaches who have been sentenced.

Following is a list of the sentencing results for those individuals.  I’ve published this list before. Will continue to post updates as more sentences are handed down.

The status listed at the Bureau of Prison’s inmate locator database is added for all of those sentenced.

Previous sentencing

Non-parent #2- 3/2/20 – Michael Center, tennis coach at UT AustinSix months in prison, $60,000 fine, and one year supervised release. The coach accepted bribes of $60K personally and $40K to the tennis program in return for helping a student who didn’t play tennis get admitted as a tennis athlete.  Parent paid $631,564 to the organizer of this whole scheme in return for the faked admission. Name of parent is not mentioned in this article.

3/12/20 status – Inmate 28214-480 is listed at the Bureau of Prison’s website as not in custody.

#15 – 2/26/20 – Michelle JanavsFive months in prison, $250,000 fine, and two years supervised release. She paid $100K to fix ACT answers for two children, $50K to a USC coach, and was arrested before paying a remaining balance of $150K. Prosecutors requested 21 months.

The judge was going to sentence her to 12 months but gave her a 7 month discount because of her charitable work. She draws $100,000 a month from the family trust funded by the entrepreneurial efforts of her father (inventor of “Hot Pockets” sandwiches). Giving away some portion of her inherited wealth got her a reduced sentence.

3/11/20 status – Inmate 77816-112 is not in custody.

#14 – 2/7/20 – Douglas Hodge – Nine months in prison, $750,000 fine. 500 hours of community service. Paid $850,000 to get four of his seven children into college. Two went to Georgetown as fake tennis players, two to USC, one as pretend soccer player and another as fake football player. He was working to get a fifth child into Loyola Marymount for which the feds claim he offered to pay $200K for admission to Loyola Marymount, which claim Mr. Hodge denied. Has been buying his kids way into college since 2008.

Update:  WSJ article says judge was going to issue a 12 month sentence but reduced it to 9 months because of his previous philanthropic efforts.

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Two more sentences handed down in the college admissions scandal. New disclosures disrupt sentencing and might alter trial strategy.

March 11, 2020, 9:43 am

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New disclosures of communication between the scandal’s ringleader and his attorney are causing commotion in the trials and sentencing.

One more parent and one athletic coach have been sentenced.

Next post will provide a recap of status for each sentenced individual. Those summaries will include current confinement status as posted at the Bureau of Prison’s website.

New disclosures

2/27/20 – Wall Street Journal – College-Admissions Trials to Begin in October Even As Battle Brews Over New Evidence.  First round of trials will be in October 2020 and the second round starting in January 2021.  Lori Laughlin and her husband will be in the first group.

A new spat between the feds and defense attorneys is focused on about 300 pages of notes made by the key player in the fiasco which were turned over to the various defense teams this week.

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One more sentencing in college admissions scandal and prosecutor recommendations for next three parent facing a judge.

February 7, 2020, 10:51 am

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Fourteenth sentence for a parent in the college admissions scandal was handed down today. Also, feds have recommendations for the next three parents already scheduled for sentencing, which will be heavier than previous cases.

The LA Times provided an update on federal recommendations on 2/4/20:  Admissions scandal:  Prosecutors seek longest prison sentences yet for four California parents.

Prosecutors assert the four worked on the scheme for 11 years, cumulatively paying $1.6M to help out nine children.

Recap of status for these four, each of whom have pleaded guilty on two felony counts:

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Two more parents sentenced in college admissions scandal over last two months. Recap of previous sentences.

December 26, 2019, 9:54 am

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Two more parents have been sentenced in the college admissions scandal.  Been watching the news lately and no more sentences have been declared in the last six weeks.

According to my count of the status listed by Wikipedia, there are 6 parents who have a plea deal and are awaiting sentencing. Another 15 parents are awaiting trial.

New sentencing since my last post on 10/28/19:

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Additional sentencing, plea deals, and charges in college admissions scandal

October 28, 2019, 8:39 am

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In the last week and a half, there have been two more parents sentenced with four entering plea deals.  Additional charges have been brought against parents who are still fighting the charges.

One parent released

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Six more parents sentenced in “Varsity Blues” admissions scandal.

October 17, 2019, 4:04 pm

Residence of Felicity Huffman for the next 14 days: Federal Correctional Institution_Dublin California Overhead View by Prison Insight is licensed under CC BY 2.0

That makes #4 through #9 that have been sentenced.

First of the parents has reported for her free federal housing.

Other articles:

10/15/19 – NPR – Felicity Huffman Begins 14-Day Prison Term in College Admissions Scandal – She reported early for her 14 day sentence.

On 10/16/19, the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator website shows her with register 77806-112, located at Dublin FCI, with release date of 10/27/19.  That means she would have actually reported on 10/13/19, I think.  Dublin FCI is low security federal institution with an adjacent low security satellite camp. It is located in Alameda county, California.  See overhead photo above.

10/15/19 – Wall Street Journal – In College-Admissions Case, Lawyers for Coaches, Others Move to Dismiss Charges – A number of parents are filing motions that the conspiracy charges are cast too wide, including parents who weren’t participating with anyone, thus the charges are more severe than they ought to be. I don’t understand the purpose of the argument, but appears to be effort to separate some of the less-involved parents from the taint of being publicly associated with the more severe cases.

Details of sentencing

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