Second and third parent sentenced in “Varsity Blues” admissions scandal.

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Two more parents have been sentenced in the admissions scheming. Also, the judge handling 10 plea deals outlines the rationale for sentencing.

Los Angeles Times – 9/23/19 – Prosecutors in college admissions scandal fighting for prison time for parents. The judge scheduled to sentence 10 more parents in the “Varsity Blues” admissions fiasco decided on the basis for which she will determine sentences.  Prosecutors had sought to use the amount of money paid as guiding the sentence. Judge decided the actions of the parents will guide her sentencing.

Two new sentencings

9/27/19 – Stephen Semprevivo – Sentenced to 4 months in jail, 2 years supervised release, 500 hours community service, $100,000 fine, possible restitution to Georgetown. He allegedly paid $400,000 to the fake charity, which in turn allegedly paid the Georgetown tennis coach. Plan was to present the son as a competitive tennis player.

Back in May 2019, Georgetown reportedly expelled two students: Inside Higher Education – 5/20/19 – If Dad Bribes Your Way In, Can you Sue to Stay?

Approach taken by the school for the expulsion was to rescind the admissions offer. The son of the previously mentioned dad filed suit against Georgetown very shortly before the expulsions were announced. In his claim, the student asserted that Georgetown could not rescind the admissions offer but instead was required to follow the school’s due process rules.

Georgetown obviously refused to identify the students, but combining the expulsion announcement and the comments in the lawsuit sure does point to the son of the previously mentioned dad as being one of the two expelled.

Student’s suit was withdrawn, according to NBC News article on 9/27/19, cited above: College admissions scandal:  Dad get 4 months for $400,000 bribe to get son into Georgetown. Article says the son was expelled at an unspecified time earlier in 2019.  Prosecutors say the dad arranged the lawsuit against the school as an effort to avoid consequences (whether for the son or dad the article does not say).

Prosecutors asked for 13 months, $95,000 fine, and $105,000 payment to Georgetown to reimburse their legal costs, presumably incurred defending the expulsion case.

9/25/19 – Devin Sloane – Sentenced to 4 months in jail, 2 years supervised release, 500 hours community service, and $95,000 fine. He paid $250,000 to get his non-water-polo-playing son into USC as a water polo player. Was accused of paying $200K to the charity run by the guy behind the whole scheme and another $50K allegedly to a former athletic director at USC. He pleaded guilty to one felony count. Making this case worse in the judge’s consideration was the dad got his son actively involved in the scheme. The difference in the only previous sentencing, which was for Felicity Huffman, was she did not let her daughter know about the scheme.

Previous sentencing:

9/13/19 – Felicity Huffman – Sentenced to 14 days in jail, one year supervised release, 250 hours community service and $30,000 fine. Prosecutors asked for 30 days, one year supervised release, and $20K fine.

7/9/19 – Stanford sailing coach – Sentenced to 1 day in jail, 6 months house detention, 2 years supervised release, and $10K fine. Described as the least severe of the cases since the coach didn’t receive any money directly and only one student was admitted. Prosecutors asked for 1 year.

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