Six more parents sentenced in “Varsity Blues” admissions scandal.

Residence of Felicity Huffman for the next 14 days: Federal Correctional Institution_Dublin California Overhead View by Prison Insight is licensed under CC BY 2.0

That makes #4 through #9 that have been sentenced.

First of the parents has reported for her free federal housing.

Other articles:

10/15/19 – NPR – Felicity Huffman Begins 14-Day Prison Term in College Admissions Scandal – She reported early for her 14 day sentence.

On 10/16/19, the Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator website shows her with register 77806-112, located at Dublin FCI, with release date of 10/27/19.  That means she would have actually reported on 10/13/19, I think.  Dublin FCI is low security federal institution with an adjacent low security satellite camp. It is located in Alameda county, California.  See overhead photo above.

10/15/19 – Wall Street Journal – In College-Admissions Case, Lawyers for Coaches, Others Move to Dismiss Charges – A number of parents are filing motions that the conspiracy charges are cast too wide, including parents who weren’t participating with anyone, thus the charges are more severe than they ought to be. I don’t understand the purpose of the argument, but appears to be effort to separate some of the less-involved parents from the taint of being publicly associated with the more severe cases.

Details of sentencing

#9 – 10/16/19 – Marjorie KlapperThree weeks in prison, $9,500 fine, 250 hours community service, one year supervised release.  She paid $15k have her son’s ACT answers corrected. Prosecutors claim, and she denies, falsely listing him as a minority on school applications. Prosecutors asked for 4 months.

#7 and  #8 – Gregory Abbott and Marcia AbbottOne  month in prison for each, with $45,000 fine each and 250 hours community service each. They pleaded guilty to paying $125K to improve SAT and ACT test scores. Prosecutors previously asked for one year plus one day sentence and $55K, later dropping the jail request to 8 months.

#6 – 10/11/19 – Peter Jan Sartorio One year probation, $9,500 fine, 250 hours community service. He paid $15k for getting a faked ACT score. Article says that is a tie for the smallest under-the-table payment of any of the parents.  Judge cut him slack because he didn’t try to hide the payment as a tax deduction and quickly admitted to his action. Prosecutors asked for 1 month.

#5 – 10/4/19 – Agustin Huneeus Jr Sentenced to 5 months in jail, $100,000 fine, 500 hours community service. He paid $100K for both the test score faking and buying admission as a stellar athlete instead of average. The feds blew up the admissions plans before he could pay the remaining $200k due for the whole deal. Article says he gave advice to the guy running the scheme on how to make it better.

#4 – 10/3/19 – Gordon CaplanSentenced to 1 month in jail, 1 year supervised release, $50,000 fine, and 250 hours community service. He paid $75k to have his daughter’s ACT test corrected. Judge continues to distinguish between those who bought test results versus those who paid bribes and submitted falsified applications. There is difference between test cheating and faking athletic status.

He is scheduled to report to prison on November 6.

Prosecutors asked for 8 months, $40k fine, 1 year supervised release. Defense asked for 14 days, community service, a fine, and supervised release.

Mr. Caplan was previously co-chair of his law firm and reportedly one of the top attorneys in the country in area of private equity. He has long since lost his job and expects to lose his law license.

Previous sentencing:

#3 – 9/27/19 – Stephen SemprevivoSentenced to 4 months in jail, 2 years supervised release, 500 hours community service, $100,000 fine, possible restitution to Georgetown. He allegedly paid $400,000 to the fake charity, which in turn allegedly paid the Georgetown tennis coach. Plan was to present the son as a competitive tennis player.

#2 – 9/25/19 – Devin Sloane Sentenced to 4 months in jail, 2 years supervised release, 500 hours community service, and $95,000 fine. He paid $250,000 to get his non-water-polo-playing son into USC as a water polo player. Was accused of paying $200K to the charity run by the guy behind the whole scheme and another $50K allegedly to a former athletic director at USC

Parent #1 – 9/13/19 – Felicity HuffmanSentenced to 14 days in jail, one year supervised release, 250 hours community service and $30,000 fine. Prosecutors asked for 30 days, one year supervised release, and $20K fine.

Nonparent – 7/9/19 – Stanford sailing coach – Sentenced to 1 day in jail, 6 months house detention, 2 years supervised release, and $10K fine. Described as the least severe of the cases since the coach didn’t receive any money directly and only one student was admitted. Prosecutors asked for 1 year.

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