In case of nuclear attack, please maintain six feet social distance and wear your mask as you bend over and kiss your, um, backside goodbye.

Image from FEMA at

I don’t know how any comedian can possibly develop new jokes when competing against the silly, silly people in the public health community. And FEMA.

(Updates at end of article describing laughter that is emerging around the ol’ internet.)

The mental giants, the phenomenal geniuses at FEMA have the following advice to survive the fallout of a nuclear explosion:

Most importantly, after the explosion, please do get indoors.

Then go the basement or interior of the building.

That’s sound advice so far.

And then?

Well, then you should

“Stay away from the outer walls and roof. Try to maintain a distance of at least six feet between yourself and people who are not part of your household. If possible, wear a mask if you’re sheltering with people who are not a part of your household. Children under two years old, people who have trouble breathing, and those who are unable to remove masks on their own should not wear them.” (emphasis added)

Well, good.


Federal Reserve adopts rules restricting insider trading by insider staff.

The facade of the Federal Reserve Bank. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The Fed formally approved rules which will provide significant restrictions on investment activities by regional bank presidents, senior staff, and a host of staff have access to market-moving information as a part of their job.

This follows multiple news reports of Fed officials who were trading securities with somewhat awkward timing, such as after decisions had been made and before the full impact hit the market or in anticipation of major decisions which would be made within days.

The Fed issued a press release on 2/18/22: FOMC follow adopts comprehensive new rules for investment and trading activity.

Here are a few comments in the press release, which provide a great summary of the new restrictions. I converted the comment into bullet points:


Six more sentences for parents bribing their children into college.

Georgetown University, which along with USC, seems to be one of the more popular destination of parents in the college admissions scandal. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Been a while since I updated the sentences so richly earned by parents in the “Varsity Blues” college admissions scam.  Six more parents have learned the consequences of cheating and bribing their darlings into schools, usually as fake athletes.

Punishment for not pleading guilty.

Of particular note is two men who went to trial earned 15 months and a year plus a day.  The other four in this update who all seem to have been into the scheme to roughly the same extent, earned 6 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 weeks, and 2 months.

See a pattern?

There is a brutal penalty to be paid in the United States for insisting on a trial by jury of your peers.  In this small sample, the two who demanded trial earned average of 13.5 months average. The four who pleaded out earned average of 6.5 weeks, or 1.6 months.

That is a difference of 11.9 months.  That is about a year. Or, 8.4 times longer.

Six sentences


Just like that, the mask mandates evaporate over the weekend.

The science changed over the weekend of February 5, 2022 so all those signs can be removed because masks aren’t needed. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Mask mandates are going away everywhere. It is almost as if a memo went out over the weekend of February 5, 2022 to all the people who have had their boot firmly planted on our face that they should switch to sneakers.  

I’ll leave it for you to consider what has caused this radical change in ‘science’ over one weekend.

Regardless of the cause, the floodgate opened.

Consider articles describing what has happened this week:

  • California will lift the blanket indoor mask mandate.
  • New Jersey, Oregon, Connecticut, and Delaware do the same.
  • Nevada joins in.
  • Los Angeles County slightly relaxes their mask requirements.
  • Eight counties in the Bay Area will lift their mask mandate.

Almost fell out of my chair reading one comment in the San Francisco Chronicle article discussed below. Unidentified public health officials are arriving at a conclusion which was achieved by dozens of other states approximately 23 months ago. I will quote the article, because otherwise you would think I’m imagining this:

“…officials say they plan to ease away from legal mandates to dictate behavior and instead trust individuals to make their own health decisions, including whether and when to wear masks.”

Wow. Only took two years to make that realization. I guess that’s better than never.

Until this month, a trust-the-public attitude was prohibited, with penalty of banishment from the public square for anyone who held such a radical, heretical concept. After the weekend, trusting people to make their own decisions is suddenly acceptable.

The New Jersey and Nevada governors also made previously-heretical comments.

More details:


More news on devastating health impact caused by government imposed lockdowns.

It may take a decade, but eventually we will be able to identify all the damage government policies caused during the pandemic. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Grim news emerges every few days about some aspect of how horribly the government imposed lockdowns have damaged people’s health. It is difficult to keep up with all the bad news. 

My guess is it will take a decade or more for researchers to full understand the destruction willfully caused by politicians and so-called public health leaders.

A few recent articles:

  • Lockdowns are killing young Canadians.
  • Somewhere around 30,000 excess deaths from diabetes during the lockdown. “Excess deaths” means more people died that would have otherwise.
  • Study calculates lockdowns reduced number of reported infections but did not reduce hospitalizations and did not reduce deaths.  One thing lockdowns achieved was to push poor people into the unemployment line. No lives saved. No hospitalizations avoided.

(Hint for future reference: Combine the first and second articles with the third and we have the hypothesis that lockdowns caused deaths while not preventing any deaths.)


Speaking of clueless, check out these point-and-laugh-out-loud rationalizations for elite elitists not wearing a mask.

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Ridicule is effective in discussing the flaming hypocrites who hold power and ignore the rules they demand, demand, we follow.

I’m not great at sarcasm and ridicule. Takes lots of effort to gather the minimal ridicule you see on this blog. I certainly cannot generate as much humor as the loons we have in office.

Any smidgeon of humor I could muster is overshadowed by the hilarity of their dead-pan rationalizations.

(How do they hide the giggles such comments would cause? Only stand up comics have that level of skill.)

Yes, as you already guessed, I am talking about California Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

First, we had British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claiming he did not know the afterhours office parties with lots of drinking were a violation of the Covid rules that no more than two people could get together in private. His laughable excuse was nobody told him those drinking parties were a violation of the Covid rules that no more than two people could get together in private.

His defense is that as an experienced politician he lacked the intellectual capacity to apply the rules to scheduled, weekly, after-hours drinking parties. 

It has since emerged that two of the booze-it-up shindigs now under criminal investigation were in his private residence at 10 Downing Street.

I cannot make up ridicule stronger than just citing his comments.

And now!

Now we have Gov. Newsom and Mayor Garcetti. They are comedic geniuses. There is no way I can keep up with them.

They appeared in separate photos posted online by Magic Johnson. In one photo, Mayor Garcetti was joined by San Francisco Mayor London Breed. More photos have emerged showing Mr. Johnson with a variety of lesser elite elitists.

Of course, none of them were wearing a mask while at SoFi Stadium during the NFC championship game. Everyone at the stadium was required by both stadium rules and Los Angeles County rules to have a mask on every moment except when actively eating and drinking.

Their excuses? I could never dream up something as entertaining as their straight face explanations.


As stupidity and possibly criminal actions by allegedly educated school educators grow, pushback from students also grows.

Is it possible these might be future fashion accessories for the administrators in the Oakdale, California school district? Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The foolishness of those who think they rule over you and me is growing week by week. The poor behavior, bad decision-making, and ill intent of those who think they have power is becoming more obvious.

The situation in the Oakdale, California school system is an emerging story. It has developed this week and the situation is deteriorating by the day. Might want to check online for current developments.

RedState – 2/4/22 – California High School “Barricaded” Unmasked Students in Unheated School GymWhat can we call this other than stupidity? Perhaps criminal? Perhaps deserving of a week in jail for every child abused?

The educational wizards in the Oakdale, California schools have implemented the cold treatment for students who will not submit to the mask diktat.

On day one, an eight-year-old and another child who showed up at school without a mask were put outside in the 43° weather, unsupervised by any adult, told to do their school work outside. Did I mention the near freezing temperature?

The cold treatment goes downhill from there.

Update 2/4/22: New report claims a school employee turned the heat down. It was not a case of just not turning the heat on. A staff person intentionally removed heat when children were barricaded in the gym.


Covid restrictions getting lifted across northern Europe, including all of Scandinavia.

Leaders in a few countries in Northern Europe started taking the above medicine, now available over the counter. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

An astounding outbreak of common sense has appeared in Europe, spreading especially to all the countries of Scandinavia, I am pleased to report.

England has already lifted restrictions. Countries finding common sense, then letting their people out from under the jackboot of Covid restrictions include:

  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Sweden

I do hope this emergence of rational thought visible in northern Europe is the beginning of a worldwide outbreak of common sense over the next few weeks.

More details:


Elitists with lower levels of elite privilege who don’t have a clue. Or, they know they are sufficiently privileged to be exempt from all Covid restrictions.

Its good to be the king. Or at least a prince. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

There are elites at a lower levels of the elitism hierarchy who still have sufficient privilege to be exempt from all Covid rules. Or maybe like the tip-top-level elitists, they also are fully convinced there is no danger from Covid. Or perhaps they just enjoy flaunting their power over you, your kids, and me.

Hopefully there will come a day when these flaming hypocrites will be forced to explain themselves. Not likely to ever happen, but I can dream.

For today’s round of point-and-laugh-out-loud amusement:

  • California redistricting commission celebrates without masks.
  • Article wonders if public health officials are “dangerously close” to wiping out all their credibility…ya’ think?
  • Faculty and staff at Northern Illinois University party on without masks while they prohibit students from even eating or drinking while sitting in class watching remote video feed.

By the way, ridicule and laughter is the most appropriate way to respond to the non-ending list of flaming hypocrites we read about every other day.


More elitists who don’t have a clue. Or maybe they know they are exempt from all Covid restrictions. Or maybe they don’t believe Covid is a danger to anyone.

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Here are several more examples of our elitist elite rulers who do not see any danger from the coronavirus pandemic and therefore do not need to follow any of the rules they dictate you and I must follow.

For your point-and-laugh-out-loud amusement today:

  • Gov. Gavin Newsom maskless in public. Again. Multiple times at football playoff game. San Francisco and L.A. mayors also maskless.
  • British Prime Minister claims complete ignorance of any law violation at the weekly parties at #10 Downing St.

In spite of what you see with your own eyes, the Department of Agriculture says food inflation in 2021 was the same as 2020. Don’t hurt yourself laughing.

Yeah, the research wizards at the Ag Department concluded food inflation in 2021 was exact same as 2020. We will see even smaller price increases in 2022.

US Department of Agriculture – 1/28/22 – 2021 retail food price inflation continued at the same pace as 2020, but varied among food categories – In a clever disinformation effort, the alleged economists at the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture claim food prices increase of 3.5% during 2021 was the same rate of increase as in 2020. The mere 3.5% during 2021 is only slightly higher than the historical average of 2% from 2000 through 2019.

In newsflash to everyone who actually buys groceries or goes to a restaurant, food prices barely increased in 2021.

Because of the pushback this article is already receiving, it will likely be memory-holed momentarily so I will quote a few parts of the article. Will quote the entire article at the end of this post.

The headline information:

“Retail food prices increased by 3.5 percent in 2021, equal to the rate in 2020 and greater than the historical annual average of 2.0 percent from 2000 to 2019. Of the 12 food categories depicted in the chart, six showed slower price increases in 2021 compared with 2020.”

Prices for half the food you buy are coming down. Cool, huh?


20th anniversary for Ulvog CPA.

Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Today, January 28, 2022, marks the twentieth anniversary of the Ulvog CPA firm.

It has been a joy to serve the nonprofit community for these two decades as an independent CPA firm. Focusing on the religious nonprofit community has been a professional honor and a personal delight.

Thanks to all the organizations who have made this journey possible.

Looking forward to many more years of serving churches and ministries.

God’s blessings to you all.

Grim news from Denmark on evaporating vaccine effectiveness.

Visualization of Covid vaccine effectiveness. Except for the part about effectiveness going negative. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

A study of all Covid infections in Denmark over a three-week period of time shows vaccine effectiveness against Omicron not only evaporates but goes negative after three months. Yes, negative.

Unsafe Space on Substack – 1/19/22 – Do The Covid Shots Work Against Omicron? – The short answer, according to a study of all cases in Denmark occurring during three weeks last fall?

Covid shots only work against Omicron for around 30 days, falling off to minimal effectiveness at 90 days. After that you’d be better off not having a shot.

According to that research, sitting here in late January 2022, if you got your double shots earlier than October 2021 you are wide open to catching omicron. That might explain why almost everybody you know has been sick in the last month, regardless of their vaccination status.

More details…


The research report, which can be found here, looked at all PCR-confirmed Covid infections in Denmark between 11/20/21 and 12/12/21.

The researchers calculated vaccine effectiveness (VE) for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, with the calculation broken out into 30 day increments since full effectiveness. Fourteen days after the second shot is when one gains full effectiveness.

Researchers further calculated VE against the Delta and Omicron variants.



Why it is imperative to gather for worship in person. In person.

Congregation at worship. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Gathering in person is critical for the body of Christ.

Just in case the Holy Spirit’s directions to us to gather together is insufficient support for that comment, Karl Vaters provides a few more reasons in his 11/18/21 article:

Being The Church’s Isn’t Enough: 11 Reasons We Also Need To Go.

Recently came across his twitter post linking back to that article. His discussion was healing.

I heartily encourage you to read the full article. I will merely quote his key statements. Please read his explanation of each point.

As you read this post and his article, please remember those religious leaders who bowed to the Emperor. 

Forgive, but never forget, those who used scissors to cut Acts 5:30 out of their Bible: “We must obey God rather than man!” and then proceeded to willfully bend the knee.

Karl Vators’ 11 reasons:


The narrative is collapsing, part 2. Leaders in business world are backpedaling before more people catch on to their failure as leaders.

Visualization of the Covid narrative. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Those people who tried so hard and for so long to crush me, you, our children, the economy, and our freedoms are backpedaling as fast as they can.

Those alleged leaders who put so much effort into grinding the heel of their boot into your face and mine are positioning themselves to evade the accountability they so richly deserve.

Do not forget who tried to take away your health, wealth, and freedom.

Forgive, but do not ever forget.

DIscussion for today:

  • Starbucks drops vaccination requirement for their 349K staff.
  • GE drops vaccination requirement for their 174k staff.
  • Boeing drops vaccination requirement for their 141k staff.
  • Amtrak, Union Pacific, and BNSF all drop vaccination requirement for their staff.

Previously in part 1:

  • A year ago this would have gotten your on-line accounts banned and gotten you cancelled:  CDC acknowledges prior infection provides more protection than vaccinations.
  • England lifts ALL covid restrictions. Yes, all.
  • WHO recommends all international travel be resumed and no more checking of vaccination status before international travel.

It would appear that a growing number of alleged leaders in the business world have slowly come to the conclusion that killing their company is not a bright idea. Corporate suicide is not a promising strategy to increase value of those juicy stock options.

As mentioned in part 1, if you find lots of sarcasm along with point-and-laugh-out-loud ridicule in these two posts, my apologies for my feeble efforts.  I really wish I had the ability to pour on the heads of our supposed leaders the full dose of ridicule these ‘leaders’ have so richly earned.

When you read below of the about-face by GE, keep in mind how harshly they dealt with staff who filed for a religious exemption.

At issue is all the covid vaccines were either developed or produced using fetal stem cells somewhere in the process. This is deeply offensive for some people of faith.

For anyone who requested a religious accommodation, GE gave the person a list of about 20 medicines and asked if the person had ever used any of them. The handout asserted all those items were either developed, tested, or produced using fetal stem cell tissue. The handout then asked the applicant to provide a theological explanation for the distinction between using any one of those meds and getting a covid vaccination.

That is some serious hardball.


GE says never mind – don’t get a shot if you don’t feel like it for any reason. No further questions will be asked.