Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Saw lots and lots of buffalo on a visit to the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park a week ago. (Yeah, yeah, they are actually American Bison, but I am still gonna’ call ’em buffalo.)

These photos cross-posted from my other blog, Outrun Change, so you can see I am again posting. Hope to get back to regular discussions here and across all my blogs.

Saw two different herds along with two big ol’ guys wandering around by themselves.

Here are a few pix.

Nice combination with profile of old and majestic buffalo along with one of the many sources of gasoline and all the plastic we use everyday:

Nice profile:

A small group, including a larger youngster:

I like this view of a resting buffalo, nestled in grasses:

The views are majestic:

The Little Missouri river is a bit low as we approach winter. Looking north:

Looking south:

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