“The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Market, Sell, and Innovate”

The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Market, Sell, and Innovate – Clara Shih – ISBN 978-0137085125

From the cover:  “Whether you know it or not, Facebook and Twitter are transforming your business in profound and significant ways. (more…)

Why does it matter to you that advertisers can use ads to identify gays?

Recent stories indicated that advertisers could identify gays through targeted advertising.  If that is not a part of your life, why does it matter to you?  Let me explain the process so you can see that the advertising technique should give us all pause. (more…)

Plagiarism, “going viral” on steroids, internet justice, good entertainment, and lessons-to-be-learned – all in one story

In case you haven’t heard, tune in quick to the Cooks Source story on the internet.  The story is developing by the hour.  See short introduction.  Read original post that kicked off the internet firestorm.  (more…)

Watch your Facebook settings, if don’t want to tell everything to the world

If you want everything you say on Facebook to be visible to the world, that is okay.  If you want to set limits on who can see how much, then you need to modify your privacy settings.  Best explanation I have seen on how to manage your privacy is found in this article from the Christian Computing Magazine.  Took me a while to wander through the settings and instructions at Facebook to learn what is covered here in just a few pages.

By the way, the magazine is free.  You can read it online or get email delivery.  Check it out. Sign up for a free subscription.

Dangers of social media

People are using social media to do simple checks on people they are involved with.  Examples?  Employers obviously, but that is old news.  Recently I have read articles mentioning that potential roommates, first dates, parents hiring babysitters, and college admission officers are also using social media to scope out people.

How?  The easiest way is to look at FaceBook and then Google or Bing the person’s name. (more…)

The internet is permanent–nothing there is private

The internet, social media, and electronic mail are wonderful.  Those tools let us do incredible things that were beyond imagination 15 years ago.

There is danger in the midst of these wonders.  Things you say can travel far.  When it becomes electronic, those things you say can live forever.  (more…)