Seven lame excuses not to be in social media

Seven lame, business-killing excuses for not having a social media presence.

Social media now is where web sites used to be.  Remember when we asked these questions about web sites?

  • Do I need to do all that stuff? 
  • Is it worth the time?
  • How do I figure this stuff out?

Asking those questions was followed about two days later by everyone having a web site to connect with their community.  Can’t imagine doing business now without a web site, right?  We are at that place with social media right now.

Everyone reading this blog (churches, ministries, other NPOs, CPAs) needs to have a social media presence.  Time to get yourself educated and get involved.

Need a great kick-in-the-pants motivation? Read the article at the start of this post.  Then read everything else on the Visibility Shift blog by Giselle Bisson.

By the way, practically everything in the social media world is FREE.  How ‘bout that for a motivator?

2 Responses to Seven lame excuses not to be in social media

  1. Thanks for reprinting my article. You can reach the Visibility Shift blog at

  2. Jim Ulvog says:

    Look at the time stamp for my post and the author’s comment. Count how many minutes it took her to comment. 91 minutes. That’s the way to work social media. Check out her blog.
    Update – that reply was in the midst of what the author reports as an avalance of around 2,400 hits to her blog. She got listed as a ‘fresh pressed’ at wordpress, yet look how fast she replied.

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