Time to start putting some expectations in place for staff using social media?

Whether you serve in a church or ministry, having your staff use social ministry to communicate is a very good thing. The social media tools available today are easy, cheap, effective, and far-reaching. It is fascinating to think how easy it is to communicate with your audience.

Just like everything else in life, there is a downside.

Your Church Blog points out a few things we should be careful of:


Update on nimbleness in social media

Update on my post about how Taco Bell is using social media as an integrated part of their response to a lawsuit which raised severe allegations against them.

On April 19 the plaintiff dropped her lawsuit. The law firm claimed that the restaurant chain revised the marketing and product disclosure.

Taco Bell has a quick response saying they changed nothing in their recipe, paid nothing to the plaintiff, and did not make a settlement.

Their use of social media is what’s of most interest to me.


How to get 20 co-workers fired – today’s lesson on how NOT to use social media

Seems that a fellow who was doing some marketing work for Chrysler sent out a tweet criticizing the driving skills of Detroit drivers and threw in an obscenity for spice.  He sent the tweet while stuck in traffic. 

Unfortunately, he accidentally used the Chrysler brand twitter feed instead of his personal twitter account. 



To drop your web site or not drop your web site – it depends on your assessment of risk

Looks like I’ve taken both sides of this issue: suggesting you drop your web site and put all your effort into developing a Facebook ‘page’ on this post, and then saying taking that approach is such a significant risk that you should seriously consider not doing so on this post.

Which is it?  (more…)

On being trapped by your technology provider – 3

There are new risks to go along with all the great technology we have available today.  Previously discussed the risk of not owning your domain name and being trapped by your tech provider.  This post goes the opposite direction of discussing the risk of getting shut down by your social media provider.

Illustration 3 – being shut down by your social media platform  – don’t put all your eggs in one basket


On being trapped by your technology provider – 2

Along with the incredible opportunities from wonderful technology we get some unusual risks.  Previously discussed the risk from not owning your domain name and the chance you could wind up without the ability to use it.

Illustration 2 – being stranded by changes made by your vendor (more…)

Identify the risks in using Social Media and manage them

It is obvious to me that most ministries and businesses should be in social media because of the tremendous potential to further your mission or revenue stream, so the issue is pretty much resolved on whether to move forward or not.  The next issue is to identify the risks in moving forward because there are risks.  The action steps are then to manage those risks. (more…)