One easy way to monitor everything said about you on the internet

Do you know what is said about your ministry or business on the internet?  Would you like to know a simple, FREE way to find out every time you are mentioned on the net?  Check out Google Alerts.  Just for signing up with a Google account, you can have Google send you an email every time a specified word or phrase is used.  In the hyper-fast social media age, this is a great way to monitor what is happening with your name.

I have Google alerts set for a few variations of my personal name and a few business names.  When Google finds those variations, I get an email.  For example, within several minutes after posting this item, I will get an email from Google telling me they found a use of my name, specifically, this post.

Why bother?  Because with the speed the internet works, you need to know quickly what is being said about you, your ministry, your programs, and your products.

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