Get into social media but know what you are doing

Got a good laugh at myself looking at my blog while drafting a different post.  Here are two consecutive posts:

Seven lame excuses not to be in social media

Plagiarism, “going viral” on steroids, internet justice, good entertainment, and lessons-to-be-learned – all in one story

What made me laugh is the first post says that essentially all businesses and ministries should get involved in social media while the second post tells the story of a small publisher that destroyed itself through very serious mistakes in e-mail and on-line posting which was followed by worse mistakes handling the social media.  Wow, Jim, I hear you think, get active with an on-line presence so you can destroy yourself – sounds like a great strategy

Actually the message is figure out how to work with social media, get involved, and behave yourself.  Then you can have a great time.

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