Outcome measures – Why does it matter to other NPOs that churches might be able to measure spiritual maturity?

The most exciting thing to me from Reveal: Where Are You (discussed here) is that it IS possible to measure such things as spiritual maturity.  You CAN quantify that outcome measure in a local church.

Opening that door in turn opens the door to measuring other intangibles.


Peering Forward – Technology will change even faster

I’ve been talking about the Winter 2010 Outcomes from Christian Leadership Alliance. You would learn and stretch if you could take a few minutes and browse the issue.

Kevin Ring has a great article, Future-Proof Ministries that talks through some of the current and long-term tech issues.


Peering Forward – How do we respond to developing trends?

Earlier discussed that we need to pay attention to the trends in our culture and then looked at some of those trends identified by David Kinnaman.

How do we respond to those trends?  Kinnaman raises four superb questions in his article.  I will quote his questions and share my thoughts.


Outcome measures – Why does it matter to churches that it is possible to measure outcomes in a local church?

Helping people grow spiritually — Every church I’ve every worked with had a vision that included some variation of that idea.  It is phrased differently with varying focus, but that seems to be typical. 

What if you could identify things that help that growth?  What if you could identify things that are completely irrelevant to helping people grow?


Outcome measures – are you just running around in circles?

Are you changing the world or are you just running around in circles?  What change is happening because of all your effort?  That’s what we mean by outcome measures. Many donors are now asking what are you accomplishing? instead of what are you doing?

What is the difference? 


New blog – attestationupdate.com

I started a new blog today, Attestation Update, www.attestationupdate.com. It will provide news and updates to the CPA community on audits, reviews, and compilations.  Some posts are only at the new site and some attestation posts will be left here. In the future, posts that are focused more on the CPA community will be at the new site.

Why make this change? I realized there are very two distinct audiences for my writing:  the non-profit community and CPAs. While there is a lot of overlap, particularly with the CPA firms in Southern California with whom I count as friends at the same time as competitors, the interests are very different.  Thus, two blogs.  This will allow for more focused attention by time constrained readers.  Enjoy them both!