Personal branding

Everyone knows the days of working for one or two companies for your entire career are gone and will never return.  That is even more true in the audit world.  As a result, every one of us needs to take ownership of our personal brand (our reputation, our presence in social media, our career) and manage it.  Work it like a brand manager for the consumer product companies.  The current economy makes this critical.  As an intentional sole practitioner, I am extremely aware of this. 

If you have never thought of your personal brand, it would be in your best interest to take charge of you.

I read a few articles online today about personal branding in the social media age.  Here is the one that got me started.  It is well worth your time.  I read the blog of one author mentioned in the article and then looked at Amazon to check out a book  he wrote.  Found there are a lot of books on personal branding.

No one else will take as good care of your brand as you.  Get started!

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