Outcome measures – Why does it matter to churches that it is possible to measure outcomes in a local church?

Helping people grow spiritually — Every church I’ve every worked with had a vision that included some variation of that idea.  It is phrased differently with varying focus, but that seems to be typical. 

What if you could identify things that help that growth?  What if you could identify things that are completely irrelevant to helping people grow?

If you could do that, I bet you would put more effort on the things that help growth.  I bet you would cut back on the stuff that either gets in the way or is just fluff.  None of us have time for the fluff.

It will be extremely hard work, but the tools discussed in the previous post give us a path to sort out what works and what is a waste. 

There is a saying about advertising – half of your advertising is wasted – you just don’t know which half.  What would a business do if it could sort out which parts of the ad campaign was working and which was a waste?

What would you do if you could figure out what is hindering spiritual growth and what is firing people up?  Wouldn’t it be worth the effort to find out?

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