Instead of being flaming hypocrites, perhaps our ruling caste just doesn’t believe their own rules.

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For the last 10 months or so I have been thinking that flaming hypocrisy is the driving force behind so many elected politicians and appointed health officials flagrantly ignoring their own rules.

My perception is shifting.

Instead of blatant, intentional hypocrisy, perhaps our masters in the ruling caste don’t really believe their own rules. Perhaps they don’t think that masks matter. Perhaps they don’t think that social distancing matters. Perhaps they don’t think Covid infections are really that big of a deal.

If they thought the risks of infection, the dangers from an illness, and the risks to their loved ones were serious threats, don’t you think they would actually try to protect themselves and their families?

Perhaps they believe the rules they demand us peasants and serfs follow blindly don’t do any good. Maybe the actions steps are worthless.

The end of this discussion lists 14 posts I have written describing the flaming hypocrisy of our overlords. I have only touched the surface.

The latest in a non-ending list of illustrations is the mayor of Washington DC. She delayed the effective timing for new face mask dictats until after her birthday party. Imagine that.

Several hours after the mask requirement went into effect, the mayor officiated a wedding at a four-star hotel in DC. The mayor and several hundred guests were not wearing masks.

Party on!

7/31/21 – The Blaze – DC …mayor caught partying without facemask after enacting new mask mandate – Many people were curious why the mayor of DC imposed a mandatory mask requirement but delayed the effective time by two days. If is a serious life-threatening crisis and masks are needed why wait until Saturday morning?

Well, the reason became obvious after Friday night.

She wanted to party the night away and she obviously didn’t want masks to get in the way.

Her birthday is August 2, but she celebrated July 30 with a bunch of friends and a DJ for music. Mask mandate went into effect on July 31, early the next morning.

One wag pointed out she wasn’t technically breaking the rules, which is correct because she set the effective date knowing when her birthday party was scheduled.

As Mel Brooks said in his movie History of the World Part One “It’s good to be king!”

Maskless at wedding reception

7/31/21 – Washington Examiner – DC Mayor Bowser officiates maskless indoor wedding after reinstated mask mandate – Article says the mayor was not wearing a mask indoors during the time she was neither eating nor drinking. Photo shows people sitting at tables with drinks on tables with everyone in the photo facing to the left, as if they are listening to a speaker. Light in the photo strongly indicates an indoor room instead of rooftop.

8/2/21 – WUSA 9 – Maskless photos of DC Mayor at a wedding circulates online. Here’s what her office says happened – Mayor’s office issued a statement that the wedding was on a rooftop, meaning no masks are required. A reception was held indoors and the mayor wore a mask there completely in compliance with requirements.

8/1/21 – Washington Post – Mayor Bowser denies breaking newly reimposed mask mandate – Given the source, it is fully expected the article completely parrots the mayor’s position. The event was “mostly outside.” In addition the article points out is not clear whether the mayor had just drank something the instant before the photo was taken

Go back to the photo from the Washington Examiner. It was obviously inside. All of the people in the photo are looking to the photographer’s left. There are four glasses visible on the tables with no food present. None of the six people visible are drinking or eating at the moment the photo was taken. Only one of the six is wearing a mask. People are seated in close proximity to each other.

The WUSA 9 report contains a laughable line that the mayor’s spokesman indicated “the photo may have captured the mayor while she was eating or drinking.” May have.

The thin reed of an excuse is the mayor and the other five people had all taken a drink of water simultaneously and had just set their drink down and resumed their listening position.

So we are left wondering whether the mayor

  • believes wearing masks is a useless effort, or
  • she has made a risk assessment that Covid is not risk to her, or
  • she is just another flaming hypocrite.

Which do you think it is?

Previous examples of flaming hypocrisy

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