Initial steps to impose another hard lockdown are underway. Oh, more flaming hypocrisy from our overlords.

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Get ready for another lockdown. The warning signs are everywhere.

Oh, another round of hypocrisy from our esteemed Governor here in California.

Warning signs

About a week ago, the state of California announced when school resumes this summer, all school children will be required to wear a mask during the entire school day. Vaccination status is irrelevant. Past infection is irrelevant. The exquisitely low infection rate among children is irrelevant. The infinitesimal fatality rate it is irrelevant.

Over the past weekend the state of California and federal Department of Veteran Affairs announced they will require all employees to prove they are vaccinated or get tested weekly and show a negative result.

On 7/27 the CDC, in what is about its 15th policy flip-flop (but seems like its 300th reversal) recommends everyone wear a mask when indoors, including people who have been vaccinated. This will apply in places where there is an above-average positive infection rate. I think that means anyone who is not living in a place with exquisite low positivity test results will be asked to wear masks.

There is a terrible, fully expected side effect from telling fully vaccinated people they still need to wear a mask.

Think about what message this sends to the anti-vaxers. This intentional policy (which presumably had somebody think about it before it was announced but that is merely a wild guess on my part) will tell people that vaccinations don’t do any good because you still have to wear a mask. If there is any science supporting this flip flop, said science has the impact of undercutting the effectiveness of vaccinations.

Today, 7/28, the City of Long Beach announced they will require all city workers to be vaccinated or test negative weekly.

Press leaks today, 7/28, indicate a plan is in development which will require all federal workers and contractors to either prove that have been vaccinated or have tested negative on a weekly basis.

Oh yeah, another lockdown is on the horizon. We can all see it coming.

This one will not be as well received. I am guessing there will be serious push back and extensive non-compliance.

Another round of flaming hypocrisy.

Governor Newsom and his wife sent their two oldest children to a summer camp which does not require kids to wear masks. This is contrary to state policy which requires kids under 12 to wear masks in group settings.

The camp sent out emails to parents advising them that masks would not be worn.

The day before the children were pulled, a group called Reopen California Schools posted pictures of one of the son’s not wearing a mask at the camp.

After the lack of masks was pointed out which called attention to the ‘Rules For Thee But Not For Me’ mentality in play amongst our ruling overlords, Gov. and Mrs. Newsom ‘realized’ the camp wasn’t insisting on masks. 

The excuse offered was the two parents “missed” the emails which declared the camp’s policy.

Uh huh.

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