Facebook fan page versus your own website

Should you use a Facebook fan page instead of a website?  I’ve been wanting to blog on that idea since I read The Facebook Era.  See my review of the book here.

Some of the great ideas I wanted to mention:  Today small businesses are letting go of their website and putting their attention to a Facebook presence.  There are around 600 million Facebook users in the audience.  What kind of hits can you get on your website versus what you could get on Facebook?  Here is the money question: how many people can you reach with a website versus a Facebook fan page?  What is the cost in terms of money and time to reach your audience through each of those media?

Before I could get my post written, I read this article from Guy Kawasaki.  He covers the ground far better than I ever could.  Check out his article.  It is great.  Then think about whether a web site is mission critical.  It is for me, but maybe it isn’t for you.

Update:  I withdraw my suggestion. Putting all your marketing effort into a Facebook page leaves your entire business in their hands. A simple rule change can devastate you. Far more important is to have all your marketing effort point to your web page which you own, control, and can move if you have to.

2 Responses to Facebook fan page versus your own website

  1. […] suggesting you drop your web site and put all your effort into developing a Facebook ‘page’ on this post, and then saying taking that approach is such a significant risk that you should seriously consider […]

  2. […] Many businesses build their entire marketing campaign on Facebook. I even made that suggestion. […]

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