Update on nimbleness in social media

Update on my post about how Taco Bell is using social media as an integrated part of their response to a lawsuit which raised severe allegations against them.

On April 19 the plaintiff dropped her lawsuit. The law firm claimed that the restaurant chain revised the marketing and product disclosure.

Taco Bell has a quick response saying they changed nothing in their recipe, paid nothing to the plaintiff, and did not make a settlement.

Their use of social media is what’s of most interest to me.

An Internet search shows their paid listings as the first item with multiple other listings reporting dismissal of the case.

A 49-second YouTube posting from Greg Creed, CEO, went up on April 19.  Short, to the point, and covers all the issues they want covered. I’m not a PR guy, but it looks to be quite effective.

The restaurant has a cute tagline on their newest print advertising: “Would it kill you to say you’re sorry?”

Article describing their pushback after the case was withdrawn is here.

I looked at their Facebook page. Very good presentation of their story including the CEO’s video, link to their print ad and link to press releases. I browsed their ‘wall’ noticing that they allow people to complain and whine. I’m guessing the worst of the troll’s comments are deleted but at first glance it appears critical comments are welcome.

Lesson learned: incorporate all forms of social media into any campaign you are conducting.

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