The narrative is collapsing, part 1. Alleged leaders in political and public health worlds are backpedaling before more people catch on to their failure as leaders.

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Those people who tried so hard and for so long to crush me, you, our children, the economy, and our freedoms are backpedaling as fast as they can.

Those alleged leaders who put so much effort into grinding the heel of their boot into your face and mine are positioning themselves to evade the accountability they so richly deserve.

Do not forget who tried to take away your health, wealth, and freedom.

Forgive, but do not ever forget.

Check out Zuby on Twitter for a summary:

In Zuby’s words, claim the W!

  • A year ago this would have gotten your on-line account banned and gotten you cancelled:  CDC acknowledges prior infection provides more protection than vaccinations.
  • England lifts ALL covid restrictions. Yes, all.
  • Ireland is dropping most covid restrictions.
  • WHO recommends all international travel be resumed and no more checking of vaccination status before international travel.

In part 2:

  • Starbucks drops vaccination requirement for their 349K staff.
  • GE drops vaccination requirement for their 174k staff.
  • Boeing drops vaccination requirement for their 141k staff.
  • Amtrak, Union Pacific, and BNSF all drop vaccination requirement for their staff.

By the way, if you detect rounds of sarcasm along with point-and-laugh-out-loud ridicule in these two posts, my apologies.  I really wish I had the ability to pour on the heads of our supposed leaders the full dose of unrestrained ridicule our ‘leaders’ have so richly earned.


Supply chain continues to deteriorate.

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So many articles are describing the deterioration in the supply chain. Lots of comments on twitter show pictures of grocery stores in the United States with a fraction of the stock you would normally see.

Government policies, such as forced lockdowns, work restrictions, flooding the economy with trillions of dollars, and travel restrictions are increasing pressure.

Just a few of recent articles describing increasing troubles:

  • Railroad robberies are again a thing in Los Angeles.  Those items that got lost in transit are probably off the side of a railroad in LA.
  • China’s zero-Covid policy is closing factories and locking down cities.
  • China restricting its border with Vietnam is leaving lots of fruit to rot in trucks waiting to get into the country.
  • SoCal ports struggling even more with so many dockworkers out sick.
  • Currently truck drivers in Canada must be vaccinated and starting 1/22 drivers entering the US must be vaccinated, putting further strains on the supply chain.

The logical conclusion is the British Prime Minister and his senior staff firmly believe the Covid virus is completely harmless. How else to explain their routine, systematic, *weekly* violation of lockdown restrictions?

The level of flaming hypocrisy emerging from #10 Downing Street is growing so fast that I wonder if the issue is actually hypocrisy or instead a belief that the Covid virus is not actually dangerous.

Back on 12/17/21 I discussed Flaming hypocrisy: “It’s good to be the king” of Netherlands or Prime Minister of England edition.

In December news reports said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a pizza and wine party on 5/15/20, just a couple months into the pandemic. He claimed he was there only a few minutes.

Then on 12/18/20 somewhere between 40 and 50 people had a Christmas party at #10 Downing Street.

Journalists (plural) attended but kept quiet about the event. Of course. They wanted to protect their sources and they knew they are part of the elitist elite who are also exempt from Covid rules.

I discussed this on 12/16/21 in my post Still more flaming hypocrites get caught, this time including Prime Ministers of England and Finland.

The Prime Minister’s press spokes-liar at the time, Allegra Stratton, is on video laughing in a mock press conference that they would call this a “business meeting” and therefore could continue partying.

Just to be clear, multiple staff working for the Prime Minister were laughing at us because they can get away with whatever they want.

Oh, at the time the Prime Minister staff was partying hearty, Christmas parties were explicitly banned. In addition, no more than two people were allowed to get together, even indoors.

Senior leadership were laughing at you and me. Well, not me because I am a free American citizen not personal property subject of the Queen.

The story has gotten a lot worse for the Prime Minister in the last week or so. The extent of flagrantly ignoring Covid restrictions has expanded.


Um…About the effectiveness of the vaccination…Let’s look at data from North Dakota.

Might want to not tell your vaccine hesitant friends and family about this discussion.

I have been tracking a lot of data about Covid since the start of the pandemic.

Why? The data is subject to interpretation, misinterpretation, delays, and manipulation.

So again, the question is: Why?

Publicly available data is what our supposed leaders are using to make decisions. By watching the public data we can maybe guess what they are about to do to us.

Anyway, I have been watching the data. Also have a large number of graphs set up so I can better see data and trends.

Something weird is happening with the vaccination.

Fully vaccinated people are getting sick. Lots of them.

People I know who are vaccine hesitant are noticing.

This is where hard numbers come into play.

I don’t know what these numbers tell us about what may happen soon, but the picture I see is distressing to me.

One set of data I have been watching is from North Dakota.


Why have we knowingly caused so much harm to children? Better question – Why are we allowing our alleged leaders to inflict another round of devastation?

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Evidence has been present for well over a year that remote learning, economic shutdowns, and general panic is causing severe harm for kids.

In spite of this our so-called leaders in the political realm, public health world, and educational circles have started another round of school shutdowns.

Even The New York Times is catching on to the devastation inflicted on children. The New York Times!

It is well past time to stop the destruction we are inflicting on children.

Merely three of a growing string of articles pointing out the destruction willfully visited on school children:

  • Twitter string from New York Times outlining the devastation inflicted on children.
  • Column by medical doctor wondered why we have inflicted such harm on children.
  • Research by NBER identifies adverse educational outcomes are a direct result of school shutdowns.

Flaming hypocrisy: “It’s good to be the king” of Netherlands or Prime Minister of England edition.

Demonstrated attitude of large portion of our political leaders here in the United States and around the world. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Today’s illustration of leaders blowing off Covid restrictions include the British Prime Minister and the Dutch Royal family.

That reminds me of a line from one of Mel Brooks’ movies, which I quoted above. More on that in a moment.

Mirror – 12/16/21 – Boris Johnson “joined No 10 staff for a Downing Street party during first lockdown” – Allegations have been raised Boris Johnson attended a pizza and wine party on May 15, 2020, yes a couple months into the pandemic. Reports claim 20 staff were present at the party with some of them staying until late at night. Get together took place after a press conference.

Mild denials suggest the P.M. only dropped by for a bit and left early.

My guess? This will be blown off as a staff meeting.

No biggie.

The Guardian, sourced to Agence France-Presse – 12/15/21 – Dutch Royals sorry for Princess Amalia birthday party that broke Covid rules – Royal family of Netherlands held a birthday bash to celebrate Princess Amalia’s 18th birthday. Reports claim at least 21 people were present.

At the time rules in the country prohibited having more than four guests in your home who were over 13 years old.


Still more flaming hypocrites get caught, this time including Prime Ministers of England and Finland.

The Department of Hypocrisy is well staff in the U.S., England, and Finland.
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The roster is continually growing of flaming hypocrites who routinely ignore they rules they demand we follow. Just a few of the most recent illustrations of our ruling overlords exempting themselves from their dictats:

  • Prime Minister of Finland kinda’ sorta’ blew off instructions to isolate because of covid-exposure and instead partied the night away. She is part of the ‘new generation’ and therefore she can do whatever she feels like. She is doubly exempt from any rules because she is Prime Minister and she is also 37 years old which means she can do as she wishes.
  • Prime Minister of England held a Christmas party last year when such gatherings were explicitly banned and his spokesperson laughed as she explained the party would be categorized as a “business meeting.”
  • Dr. Fauci parties at a book signing; is quoted as saying he takes his mask off whenever he feels like it.
  • Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer parties at a DC bar without a mask when mask was required except when eating or drinking. Staff at the bar say she was neither eating nor drinking while maskless.

Do our ruling overlords actually believe there is danger?

The only conclusion we can draw from this nonstop stream of in-your-face hypocrisy is our alleged political leaders don’t really believe Covid is dangerous. By their behavior they show the rules they require or endorse or enforce are not really necessary.


Here we go again…

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Our ruling overlords in California have decided to dictate another statewide mask requirement . Los Angeles county and several counties in the San Francisco Bay area have already mandated masks at any indoor location.

The mask diktat now covers all indoor locations in California.

Articles for your consideration:

  • California imposes statewide mask mandate.
  • New York imposes statewide mask mandate.
  • New York will not enforce statewide mandate.
  • Reminder that the coronavirus bug is smaller than the holes in a surgical mask.

Wall Street Journal – 12/13/21 – California to Reinstate Indoor Mask Mandate – Secretary of California Health and Human Service Agency royally declared that starting Wednesday, December 15, 2021, all Californian citizens subjects will be required to wear a mask at any indoor event.

Royal decree will run until January 15, 2021. 

Any guesses on whether this will be allowed to expire in January?

This follows the state of New York imposing a statewide mask mandate…


More indications the supply chain crisis will not be going away anytime soon.

Illustration of supply chain. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

There are lots of reports out with tidbits of information which combine to paint a picture that the tangled supply chain is not going to untangle anytime soon. For your consideration:

  • New system to allow cargo ships to register a scheduled arrival time will make it look like the number of ships waiting to unload has decreased.
  • Big increase in the number of people who started their own business since start of the pandemic, becoming self-employed.
  • Your favorite restaurant may stop taking delivery orders during crunch time.
  • Pay and working conditions for truckers are horrible – no wonder there aren’t enough of them.

FreightWaves – 12/1/21 – Ships in California logjam now stuck off Mexico, Taiwan and Japan – You may have heard the number of ships parked off the coast of ports in Southern California has dropped recently.

Good news, right?

Well, not so fast.


More reports on health damage caused by government action during Covid pandemic.

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So many reports are pointing to the damage caused by government actions during the pandemic.  I can’t possible discuss all the news. Here are a few articles for your consideration

  • Lack of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of malaria in sub-Sahara Africa has caused the death of 47,000 more people than would have died otherwise. Government actions are killing people.
  • Governor of New York orders elective surgeries be halted because hospitals may become overloaded. This will kill people from lack of treatment.
  • A medical doctor indicates we will deal with increasing Covid infection rates by repeating the steps that didn’t work before.

Foundation for Economic Education – 12/6/21 – 47,000 More People Died of This Disease in 2020 Due to Lockdowns, World Health Organization Reports The concept of “excess deaths” is something we all need to become familiar with. This is the idea of some event or circumstance killing more people than would otherwise have died without that circumstance having taken place.

It will take five or 10 years to identify all of the excess deaths which were directly or indirectly caused by government actions to shut down the economy in 2020.

The current data point is 47,000 people dying because of malaria who would have otherwise lived apart from the government lockdowns across the world.



What the government induced disruption of the employment market looks like from a consumer’s perspective – #2.

This sign is becoming more common during business hours. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

My wife and I are seeing firsthand the impact of turmoil in the employment market to include restaurants that have to close for the day because no staff showed up to work. One restaurant is making up stories about masks being government-required.

Previous post on this topic was back on 6/4/21:  What does the economy wide staffing shortage look like to a customer?

This discussion will highlight disruptions I have seen in our local community in the last month. We will discuss separately the wide range of government actions which have caused this turmoil.

In the meantime…

Daily Bulletin – 11/25/21 – “Sorry!” Customers with prepaid Thanksgiving meal orders find doors shut at Boston Market in Rancho Cucamonga – The only employee showing up at the Boston Market stored in my hometown put a note on the door saying

“No employee showing up today… We are unable to fulfill the orders! We are sorry!”


Flaming hypocrisy from the ruling caste – private jet edition.

Typical private jet during four hours in the air will emit about as much CO2 as an average person will generate during an entire year. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The demand for private jets is soaring. Those jets generate massively more CO2 emissions that any commercial flight.

The ruling caste, who think they rule over us, have no hesitation to use heavily polluting private jets to scoot around on their planet hopping fun times.

The pandemic has been generous to the super rich.

CNBC – 11/25/21 – The rich are getting richer – and they’re fueling a private jet boom – Demand for private jets is soaring. Even used jets are getting hard to find.

The super-rich are taking their private jets to go around the Covid restrictions on commercial flights.


Evaporating freedom, Australia edition. A good, but not yet final, solution.

Australia has a special camp for forced quarantines. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

A year ago you would have been considered crazy, cuckoo, one of those tin foil-hat-wearing-nut-jobs if you had been so irresponsible as to suggest what is described in the next two articles could ever, ever happen.

A year after such predictions would have been laughed at, the Australian government is sending out the military to forcibly relocate people into a “quarantine camp” with fences and barbed wire.

The untried, unconvicted, and unsentenced crime? Testing positive for Covid.

The military is also forcibly relocating anyone who is in “close contact” with someone who tested positive for Covid.

Yeah, that is really happening.

Quarantine camps. Forcible relocation.

(Side note – I should have posted this yesterday, before the we’re-all-gonna’-die Omicron variant generated closing of borders and shutting of air travel. Had best post it before Monday morning because by then we might learn the loss of freedom in Australia is old news.)

Zero hedge – 11/23/21 – Australian Army Begins Transferring Covid-Positive Cases, Contacts to Quarantine Camps – The Army has started forcibly transporting people from the Northern Territories to a quarantine camp which the government has built in Darwin.


More bad news on the health front.

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The bad news just keeps rolling in regarding the Covid pandemic, or perhaps we should now refer to it as endemic. It’s beginning to look like there’s not a whole lot we can do to stop or even slow the pandemic. We continue to see reports showing horrible side effects of the economic and social shutdown.

For your consideration:

  • There have now been more deaths coded to a Covid cause in 2021 than in 2020. Keep in mind this is with widespread vaccinations.
  • An actual scientist with experience developing vaccines points out that it is almost expected that we will see situations like in Gibraltar there there is an extraordinarily high vaccination rate and simultaneously an extraordinarily high infection rate.
  • The number of deaths from drug overdoses has skyrocketed since early 2020. Hmm.  What could have caused that? Is there something that happened in, oh, say March 2020 that might have led increasing number of people to abuse drugs?

There have now been more Covid deaths in 2021 with widespread vaccination than in 2020 without any vaccinations. 

On 11/22/22 the John Hopkins database reports 771,118 deaths from coronavirus.

On 11/22/21 the CDC reports the following death tally of “all deaths involving Covid-19.” This category is defined as “Deaths with confirmed or presumed Covid 19, coded to ICD-10 code U07.1.” Their account: