Elitists with lower levels of elite privilege who don’t have a clue. Or, they know they are sufficiently privileged to be exempt from all Covid restrictions.

Its good to be the king. Or at least a prince. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

There are elites at a lower levels of the elitism hierarchy who still have sufficient privilege to be exempt from all Covid rules. Or maybe like the tip-top-level elitists, they also are fully convinced there is no danger from Covid. Or perhaps they just enjoy flaunting their power over you, your kids, and me.

Hopefully there will come a day when these flaming hypocrites will be forced to explain themselves. Not likely to ever happen, but I can dream.

For today’s round of point-and-laugh-out-loud amusement:

  • California redistricting commission celebrates without masks.
  • Article wonders if public health officials are “dangerously close” to wiping out all their credibility…ya’ think?
  • Faculty and staff at Northern Illinois University party on without masks while they prohibit students from even eating or drinking while sitting in class watching remote video feed.

By the way, ridicule and laughter is the most appropriate way to respond to the non-ending list of flaming hypocrites we read about every other day.

Yesterday’s sources of out-loud-laughing:

  • Gov. Gavin Newsom maskless in public. Again. Multiple times at football playoff game. San Francisco and L.A. mayors also exempt from Covid restrictions.
  • British Prime Minister claims complete ignorance of any law violation at the weekly parties at #10 Downing St.

Washington Free Beacon – 12/22/21 – California Dems Sip Champagne, Violate State Mask Mandate Celebrating Successful Gerrymander – The supposedly independent redistricting commission celebrated the redrawing of all California electoral districts by having a dinner party. At the party they took a wide variety of selfies, all without masks. They also took a group photo, again with all 15 members of the commission sans mask since they are exempt from such silly rules due to their elitist privilege.

There are, of course, eight champagne glasses on the table at the center of the group photo. Cheers! (funded by your tax dollars, I’ll guess.)

The new mask mandate in California requires wearing a mask at all indoor locations unless actively eating and drinking. There is no exemption for taking a selfie while mugging for the camera with your political allies. There is no exemption for a group photo after a meal is over and the plates have been cleared as you finish off the champagne.

How is it lawful for them to do this? Simple.

In microscopic print only visible to elitists who are benefiting from their elitism, there is a specific exemption in the state rules for anyone with significant political power, or who have “A list” celebrity status, or who are in mid-level or senior healthcare leadership.

The redistricting commission obviously has been issued the political power exemption.

New York Post – 12/31/21 – Public health officials are dangerously close to destroying their credibility – Close?

Getting close?

Headline information is supposed to be that there is a flood of Covid infection amongst infants. There is a large and unexpected number of infants in the hospital because of Covid.

At least that’s what our lords and masters want us to believe.

The details?

Take a look and a radically different story emerges.

The “flood” is based on a study of 50 admissions. That is extrapolated to citywide data. 

The cause of this deception: Every person, including children, admitted is tested for Covid. Infants who are presented to the hospital for some other reason but subsequently test positive for Covid (forget about symptoms) are counted as Covid admissions.

Thus, the “flood” of pediatric Covid cases is children admitted and then test positive, not sick due to covid.

Thus, our overloads in the public health sector take another giant step on their willfully chosen journey to see how far they can go to obliterate any residual shred of credibility as they continually abuse us common serfs.

The College Fix – 1/28/22 – Northern Illinois University officials party maskless while forcing mandates on students – Reporter has multiple sources and photos to back up the claims there were multiple incidents over the last two months of faculty, administrators, and alumni gathering at events, partying, traveling, and taking group photos, all without masks as required in the state.

Students, however, must wear a mask anytime they are in public. The University requires all classes to be online. Half a gazillion dollars a year to watch TV in your dorm.

If you wish, the University has graciously allowed students to attend the remote sessions in classrooms. That allows them to at least have a hint of social contact.


Students must wear their masks every moment they are in the law school classrooms. The law school associate dean sent an email to all law school students declaring they may not eat and may not drink in the classrooms so they can keep their masks on every second they are watching the remote sessions.

One photo of faculty and administrators having a holiday lunch … in the law library … same building where students may neither eat nor drink … shows them taking a group photo without masks. Seven people standing shoulder to shoulder in the photo with nary a mask in sight. Of course.

Multiple other incidents occurred during which the elitist elite skipped that silly ol’ mask requirement.

Reporter requested multiple officials for an on-the-record comment and in what you will consider to be a staggering development, nobody had anything to say. Imagine that.

But then it is expected that flamingly hypocritical elitists don’t need to respond to peasants.

We serfs do not warrant any attention from our lords and masters.

The name tag that should have been worn by all attendees:

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