Stream of reports describe minimal benefits and serious negative consequences from actions taken during pandemic lockdowns. 2 of 2.

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More of the recent reports describing the damage from the lockdowns:

  • Alameda County rolled back death count from coronavirus, having overcounted by one third.
  • Looks like coronavirus was loose in the U.S. before the first cases were reported.
  • Suicide attempts by teens increased during the lockdowns.
  • Economic shutdown hurt poor people worse than rich people.

6/6/21 – The Last Refuge – If Sunlight Continues, Expect More of This – Alameda County, California, Significantly Lowers Covid Death Toll After Review of Records – There are plenty of reports around, I will not link to them, of public health people counting people who died “with” Covid as if they had died “from” Covid. There is a massive difference.

Alameda County revisited their reporting methodology and acknowledged they were counting everyone who died with Covid as have been reported as dying from Covid. Anyone who died from some other cause while they were infected was reported as having died because of the coronavirus.

As a result, the county reduced its Covid death toll from 1,634 down to 1,223. That is a drop of 411 cases, or 25%.

Phrased more accurately, they knowingly overstated the death count of 1,223 by 411, or an overstatement of 33.6%. They overstated deaths by one third.

Article mentions what is a hidden secret – the financial reimbursements to healthcare providers and counties is higher for Covid cases than non-Covid cases. Hospitals and public health agencies make more money with the higher number of Covid cases they report.

This also fits with what I have noticed in my tracking of Covid statistics. Since March 2020 I have been tracking a lot of the publicly reported statistics. I’m doing this so I can see the numbers that the decision-makers are looking at.

In the last month I have noticed five times that the official case counts have rolled backwards. Keep in mind the number of cases or the number of deaths really should not be declining. People don’t get uninfected. With remarkably few exceptions reported in the Bible, people don’t undie.

Yet that is what I have noticed.

The specifics:

  • 6/14/21 – California case count dropped by 10 instead of increasing around thousand a day.
  • 6/10/21 – deaths in California dropped by 433, which correlates to the reporting by Alameda County, although the death tally rolled back by another 22 cases beyond what they reported. So that is another 22 people undying beyond what Alameda reported.
  • 6/15/21 – deaths in Los Angeles County rolled back by one.
  • 6/11/21 – deaths in Riverside County rolled back by one.
  • 6/20/21 – deaths in Orange County rolled back by one.

6/15/21 – Wall Street Journal – Covid-19 Ranged from Illinois to Massachusetts Before State Reported First Cases – Apparently blood draws are frozen and stored for research projects. NIH went back and tested a number of blood samples they had gathered for a different project which monitors ongoing health issues.

Out of 24,000 study participants whose blood was frozen between 1/2/20 and 3/18/20 and studied recently, NIH found 9 who had antibodies to the Covid virus. That means they had been infected and developed antibodies to the virus. This was before the first cases were reported in the states where the people live.

The researchers will be doing more work. What this shows us at the moment is the virus was loose in the general public before the first reports surfaced and well before government officials and public health authorities realized they needed to do something.

Implication of the study is it very well may have been too late to stop the pandemic before there was a realization a pandemic existed. Further implications, if this is something the public health sector knows is a routine thing for a pandemic, we need to even more harshly assess where the harsh actions taken were warranted.

6/11/21 – Washington Examiner – Suspected suicide attempts increased among adolescents during pandemic, CDC study finds – This analysis is from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Their analysis shows suicide attempts increased dramatically for females age 12 to 17. Minimal increase for males in that age span. No identifiable increase for those in ages 18 through 25.

The calculated numbers:

  • 26.2% increase in suicide attempts – females age 12 to 17 in July through August 2020 compared to comparable timeframe in 2019.
  • 50.6% increase in attempts – females age 12 to 17 in February and March 2021 compared to same time in 2019. The severe distress has gotten far worse for teenage girls.
  • 3.7% increase in attempts – males age 12 to 17 in February and March 2021 compared to comparable timeframe in 2019.
  • No identifiable increase in suicide attempts during the pandemic – males and females age 18 through 25.

The study does not address whether the horrible increase in suicide attempts resulted in an increase in the number of actual suicides.

Do I really need to repeat the questions I’ve been asking?

Yes. Because this is so horrible.

Why did the public health officials and a lot of politicians facilitate this?

Why did we allow them to do so?

6/17/21 – Foundation for Economic Education – New Harvard Data (Accidentally) Reveal How Lockdowns Crushed the Working Class While Leaving Elites Unscathed Whoops.

Another author said the Laptop Class did great during the lockdowns while working class took the risks of delivering their goodies.

New study by Harvard, Brown University, and the Gates Foundation found the lockdowns hurt poor people the most.

No surprise there.

Study looked at average wage change for people with income at a $27,000, between $27K and $60K, and over $60K.

from before the pandemic started until April 1 here’s the average change in wages:

  • +2.4% – high wage, > $60K
  • -4.5% – middle wage, $27K – $60K
  • -23.6% – low-wage,< 27K.

The Laptop Class did great. Poor folk not so much. In what alternate universe is that considered a good outcome?

Can some super smart person explain to dumb ol’ me why the shutdowns were such a good idea?

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