Overcome fear and keep going

Mark Williams shares the amazing story of his grandfather.  What an encouragement to all of us to persevere in the midst of life’s trials.

The ship carrying his grandfather to the new world, the S.S. Norge, sank crossing the Atlantic in 1904. Eskild Alfred Eskildsen helped women and children get into the lifeboats. When the boats were full, he helped get life jackets on the remaining women and children.

When the ship was about to go under, he got a life jacket and swam out to the furthest boats. Why?

So he wouldn’t take a seat in a boat that a woman might be able to reach.

About 160 passengers of about 800 on board survived.

After surviving 7 days on the water, did he give up his dream of getting to the land of opportunity when he recovered? No. He went back to Denmark, got his wife and children, then got on another ship and tried again.

He completed his obligation to his immigration sponsor and bought a farm. When the buildings and equipment burned in a fire, he rented a farm and started working there to feed his family. Including all 22 children.

A lifetime legacy of overcoming fear and pushing forward no matter the obstacles and trauma the world throws at you. What an encouragement to me.

Mark tells the story in his posts:

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