Guest Post – Forecasting Annual Church Revenues: Live spreadsheet to illustrate the forecasting model – part 5

Mr. Jeff Beaumont is a CPA working for a firm that focuses on serving the nonprofit community. His opinions are his own and do not reflect the opinions or positions of his firm in any way. Because he speaks for himself, I won’t identify him or his firm in any more detail. He doesn’t speak for me either. especially when he posts spreadsheets.

He has about seven years experience as an auditor working on the issues discussed on this blog. This is the final post in a five-part series.

By Jeff Beaumont, CPA

For those that would find it helpful to have a spreadsheet demonstration of how to venture your luck at forecasting a church’s revenue, I am uploading the model I use. It has dummy numbers and information, of course.

My goal in it is to help others by providing a resource that they can

  • A) use for their church,
  • B) modify for their church, or
  • C) get an understanding of what the previous blog posts were explaining.

If you find it helpful—great!

On the first tab is an instruction sheet of how the model works. I’ll be blunt with you all, it requires a bit of work and is not as simple as using a remote control. However, I do update it when I get a new idea or find errors. If anyone has any suggestions on retrofitting it (or adapting it and then sending me a revised version) I would be most grateful.

Disclaimer: please remember that I am putting forth my work for you all to see and use, so there are a few disclaimers to be made.

  1. It is free. You did not compensate me, so keep that in mind.
  2. If you have questions, you can contact me (see instructions tab) but please realize that since I am doing this for free, I do not promise that I will respond immediately or to your full and complete satisfaction.
  3. It is a spreadsheet so it is quite possible that there are errors within it. So please do not sue, slander, or demean me for something I am distributing for free.
  4. I did not have it peer-reviewed, nor did I pay anyone to review it for errors or problematic formulas so I do not expect it to be perfect.
  5. I am being generous with my work that I did on my own using my own time for the public’s benefit and have not been monetarily compensated for any of this. I did it because I enjoy it and love helping people and ministries.

Here is the spreadsheet:

 Church Revenue Projection Model


Previous posts:

Blog host comments:

My thanks go to Mr. Beaumont for his series of posts to help churches forecast their revenue.

Additional disclaimers

His attached spreadsheet is *very* complex. Be very careful if you add or delete a row or a column. You could easily blow up the spreadsheet.

If you introduce an error and you are lucky, the results will obviously be wrong, like total revenue projected at $1.99 or a quarter of a billion dollars. If you are not lucky, the error will be invisible, yet the spreadsheet will still be seriously wrong.


Be careful.

Also, I’m not vouching for anything in the spreadsheet other than it is very complex.

If you have any comments or concerns about the spreadsheet, you may use the contact info in the spreadsheet or you may leave a comment on this post.

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