What are the real reasons so many of our so-called leaders flagrantly ignored Covid restrictions?

So many of my posts during the pandemic pointed out the elite in political, public health, entertainment, and media worlds flagrantly ignored the Covid restrictions they demanded we little people follow. In a moment I will describe conclusions by the British Parliament that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was lying through his teeth when Continue reading

Speaking of clueless, check out these point-and-laugh-out-loud rationalizations for elite elitists not wearing a mask.

Ridicule is effective in discussing the flaming hypocrites who hold power and ignore the rules they demand, demand, we follow. I’m not great at sarcasm and ridicule. Takes lots of effort to gather the minimal ridicule you see on this blog. I certainly cannot generate as much humor as the loons we have in Continue reading

More elitists who don’t have a clue. Or maybe they know they are exempt from all Covid restrictions. Or maybe they don’t believe Covid is a danger to anyone.

Here are several more examples of our elitist elite rulers who do not see any danger from the coronavirus pandemic and therefore do not need to follow any of the rules they dictate you and I must follow. For your point-and-laugh-out-loud amusement today: Gov. Gavin Newsom maskless in public. Again. Multiple times at football Continue reading

The narrative is collapsing, part 1. Alleged leaders in political and public health worlds are backpedaling before more people catch on to their failure as leaders.

Those people who tried so hard and for so long to crush me, you, our children, the economy, and our freedoms are backpedaling as fast as they can. Those alleged leaders who put so much effort into grinding the heel of their boot into your face and mine are positioning themselves to evade the Continue reading

The logical conclusion is the British Prime Minister and his senior staff firmly believe the Covid virus is completely harmless. How else to explain their routine, systematic, *weekly* violation of lockdown restrictions?

The level of flaming hypocrisy emerging from #10 Downing Street is growing so fast that I wonder if the issue is actually hypocrisy or instead a belief that the Covid virus is not actually dangerous. Back on 12/17/21 I discussed Flaming hypocrisy: “It’s good to be the king” of Netherlands or Prime Minister of Continue reading

Flaming hypocrisy: “It’s good to be the king” of Netherlands or Prime Minister of England edition.

Today’s illustration of leaders blowing off Covid restrictions include the British Prime Minister and the Dutch Royal family. That reminds me of a line from one of Mel Brooks’ movies, which I quoted above. More on that in a moment. Mirror – 12/16/21 – Boris Johnson “joined No 10 staff for a Downing Street Continue reading