Protest song against lockdowns from Mick Jaggar. Wait… What?

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Um, yeah. Rolling Stones, well Mick Jagger by himself (since the band can’t get together), weighed in with a song protesting the lockdowns.

A protest song.

Song ridicules the ongoing lockdown, describing the effect of being isolated as lobotomizing.

It compares the forced quarantine to prison confinement.

There is one recurring line, which you have to think about a while:

It’ll be a memory you’re trying to remember to forget.

Aha…we will have to work to forget this horrible time.

The lockdowns of the past year are a nightmare for those who lost businesses, will never catch up on their rent, whose education has been harshly disrupted if not destroyed, all those who now have severe depression, and those with well-advanced cancer because they couldn’t get in to see a doctor for so many months to check out that odd thing and now it is stage 4.

Yes, we will all have memories that will we be trying to forget.

A hint of the lyrics:

We took it on the chin
The numbers were so grim
Bossed around by p*****.

The video of Easy Sleazy, then more lyrics:

On the boredom of solitary confinement without trial:

See my poncey books teach myself to cook
Way too much TV, its lobotomizing me, yeah
Think I’ve put on weight
I’ll have another drink then I’ll clean the kitchen sink

The goal is to escape confinement:

We escaped from the prison walls
Open the windows and open the doors

A touch of skepticism about the authorities:

Shooting the vaccine
Bill Gates is in my bloodstream
It’s mind control

And there’s aliens in the deep state

The song is discussed at Spiked on 4/16/21 – Mick Jagger’s rock’n’rolll fightback against lockdown.

Intriguing comment at the end of the article explains people at the beginning of the pandemic started self isolating well before the government took any action with the forced lockdowns. Likewise he says the battle we will soon have to fight to reclaim the liberties we lost during the pandemic will be won when we, the mass public, decide we are going to get back out there and reengage life.

When we all decide to start living again all the governments will have to let go of the restrictions. Only then will the silliness end.

Let’s get started on recovering a life and reclaiming our freedoms, shall we?

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