Public health officials in school district outside Toronto have gone off the deep end.

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The craziness from government officials is getting worse instead of better.

The Peel school district, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada posted an official “recommendation” of a 14 day solitary quarantine for any child in the district sent home because someone else in the student’s classroom tested positive.

Yes, you read that right. If any child in a classroom is sent home because of a positive test, that means that every student in the classroom will be sent home.

Not only that, but the school district also “recommends” every child in the classroom be quarantined, by themselves, in a separate room, for 14 days.

No contact with mommy. No contact with daddy. No contact with siblings. No contact with anyone else.

In case you think I’m making this up, check out this coverage:

In case you still think I am making this up because no one in public health could be that cruel, here is their poster. The district insists a symptomless child should be handled as follows:

“The child must self-isolate, which means:

“* Stay in a separate bedroom

* Eat in a separate room apart from others

* Use a separate bathroom, if possible

* If the child must leave the room, they should wear a mask and stay 2 m apart from others

* It is strongly recommended to test for Covid-19 on or after the date listed in your letter”

Can you imagine the psychological damage and physical trauma of being isolated 14 days by your parents? Forcibly been separated from siblings for two weeks? Not getting to see mommy and daddy for 14 days because mommy and daddy don’t want to see you?

The most favorable interpretation is public health officials in the Peel school district have momentarily drifted into mental illness. A harsh interpretation is they want to see as many children abused and traumatized as they can facilitate.

In between those two extremes is the most likely explanation, as provided by Pastor Hans Fiene (@HansFiene):

“Anyone who would do this to a child is under the power of Satan.”

Tweets visible on the ol’ Internet indicate parents are actually following this advice. Several parents report that their children are in tears, texting that they are lonely and sad.

Presumably the district realized they were operating in the range of willful child abuse after receiving a substantial amount of press coverage. The school mumbled a sort-of apology here.

It was just a mistake, you see. Perfectly understandable. Never mind.

Under obvious pressure the school district acknowledged that a caregiver “may need to isolate with” the child in order to bathe, feed, and clothe said child.

May need.

May need.

I guess that means the district is thinking there is a substantial number of 6, or 8, or 10-year-olds who would be fine on their own. Presumably leaving a young child completely isolated for two weeks without human contact could still be okay with the school district.

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