Check out the 1/17/16 USPS shipping rate increases

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Yesterday I sent a package to a client via USPS’ priority mail. As always, I went to the USPS website to double-check the price.

Just about fell out of my chair.

9% increase.

Yes, a 9.4% increase for legal size priority mail. Guess that means inflation has not completely disappeared from the economy.

After recovering from my shock (anyone else pushing through 9% increases to your clients in this market?), I found out that the first class rates did not change. Shipping rates, however, increased by an average of 9.5% on January 17.

I only ship a few packages a month. If your office or charity is large enough to have a mail department, you already know about this. If you are a small outfit like me, you might want to check the Post Office’s new prices before things start getting returned to you.

I am a bit slow on the uptake sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. Could someone fill me in on why shipping prices are going up 9% at the same time as delivery times in Southern California are getting longer?

Price increases and slower service. A little help here? Please?

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