Whispers in the wind about the State AG investigation of charity fundraising

There hasn’t been much visible in the news for a long time on a rumored investigation conducted by several state Attorneys General.

William Barrett tells of whispers he has heard that the investigation is ongoing and about to do something.

I have previously referred to a few public comments pointing out that something seems to be happening:

In his post at New to Seattle, Mr. Barrett discusses Scuzzy charity working Seattle calls for the fourth time. He describes a charity that spends the vast majority of its money on fundraisers (82%) and the vast majority of what’s left over on contracted management fees. That leaves a tiny portion of funds raised (1.2%) for everything else, including charitable works.

This organization has called him four times, three of which were after he called them out for the finances. He awarded them a nomination for the dishonor of America’s Stupidest Charities. Nominations are only possible for another call after he has delved deeply into the organization’s finances. This particular NPO has earned two repeat nominations.

After blasting that charity’s finances yet again, Mr. Barrett reports there are rumors that the task force of state AGs is about to bring out lawsuits and negotiated settlements.

I don’t know how fast such things work, but those vague whispers in the wind suggest that those of us who are interested should be watching the news feeds and twitter comments closely.

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