The clock is running on cleaning up GIK

A few thoughts for meetings being held today….

The clock is ticking. Perhaps that’s a good analogy since football season is well underway.

Unlike football, we don’t know how much time is on the clock, but we do know time is running.

The nonprofit community still has time to clean up the GIK valuation issue since the clock hasn’t run out.

If we, collectively, don’t fix the GIK issues, others may do so for us. Nobody will like those results.  

I include valuation, variance authority, and bargain purchase in the list of issues that can be addressed inside the community far more timely than anyone else can.

A few of my previous posts:

There are reports in the wind that the New Mexico AG is leading a task force looking at the issues. The IRS audit of a charity is still underway with any progress hidden from sight. More and more newspapers are writing more and more articles.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, time is running out.  Please resolve the issues before others do so for us.

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