Glimpse of what Ulvog CPA website looked like before move to blog

Previously mentioned I’ve moved the website for my CPA practice from GoDaddy using their Website Tonight software to a blog at WordPress.  If you don’t like this blog-as-a-web-site idea, I would heartily recommend you check out GoDaddy’s Website Tonight service.

This post will give a picture of what the site was like before the move.

You can see the previous discussion here, with my current website here.

Keep in mind that neither site is flashy or nifty, neato cool. But remember also that I’m a CPA. My profession isn’t flashy and I have never been falsely accused of being cool.

Can’t give you a great view, but can give you a hint below.  I don’t yet know how to get the PDF files to appear in full size, so you will need to click on each link.

Imagine the following text with a maroon border. 

Here is the home page with just the text:

   1b ulvogcpa.com_Home_Page

Firm background:

   2 ulvogcpa.com_firm_background


   3 ulvogcpa.com_services

Authored Books:

   4 ulvogcpa.com_Authored_books

Explanation of audits and reviews

   5 ulvogcpa.com_Audit_or_Review

Recent audit changed – this page feels particularly dated because these changes are now a few year old. It has a 2010 copyright date.

   6 ulvogcpa.com_Recent_audit_changes

Internal control – extract from my book

   7 ulvogcpa.com_Internal_control

Contact page

   8 ulvogcpa.com_Contact_Us

Comment that I’m a peer review provider

   9 ulvogcpa.com_Peer_Review


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