Major article on World Help and their GIK fundraiser

I just saw the article.

If you’ve been following the challenges World Help has been going through regarding their GIK revenue, you will definitively want to check out a major article from The Chronicle of PhilanthropyA Consultant’s Revenue-Generating Tactics Draw Scrutiny.

You might want to get a fresh cup of coffee before you start.  Don’t know the word count, but on my computer the article is 13 screens long.

I’ll need to read this a few more times to absorb the details. In the meantime, a few initial observations:

If you are an accountant, read the article with ‘variance power’ in the back of your mind.

If you ever write a resume or on-line bio, one lesson learned from the article is don’t puff your accomplishments.

Don’t do it.  Ever.

Why?  Fifteen years later, people can still fact check your claims.

If you’ve been following the GIK issue, you will notice a number of the charity names mentioned in the article have popped up in earlier reporting by Chronicle of Philanthropy, CNN, and the Arizona Republic.

For more background, my previous posts here, here, here, here, and here.

Next post:  Revised 2009 revenue for World Help and graph of revenue for last 4 years.

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