Amended 990 is available on World Help web site

As was promised to several reporters this week, World Help has made their amended 990 available on their website this evening. You can see the link on the website here and click directly to the 990 here.

As they have said publicly, the revised revenue for 2011 is $104M.  The 2010 revenue has been restated downward from $125.1M to $64.1M.

Here is a summary of the changes.

The revenue amounts are from Schedule A, page 2, line 1.  This will be different from the revenue on page 1 of the 990 for technical reasons on how Schedule A is constructed, but I’ve listed those amounts to show a four-year comparison.  The expense amounts are from page 1 of the 990. Amounts in millions and rounded to two digits.

previous amended  revision %
Sch A
2009        75.29        75.29               – 0%
2010      124.91        63.98     (60.93) -49%
2011      239.22      104.28   (134.94) -56%
2010      124.90        63.96     (60.94) -49%
2011      239.11      104.18   (134.93) -56%

After browsing through the amended 990, it is obvious the changes have been flowed through the Statement of Revenue, Statement of Functional Expenses, Schedule A, and Schedule M.

The amended return has the signature of the president and external accountant. I would make a completely wild guess that the electronic copy has already been transmitted to the IRS.

Count me impressed.

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