Charity Navigators posts a ‘donor advisory’ for World Help

Today there is a donor advisory visible at Charity Navigators for World Help.  This replaces the rating information provided for the ministry.

You can see the advisory here.

The advisory cites an article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy raising questions about the existence of donations totaling $350M over the last three years.  World Help self-reported their amended 990 and revised audited financial statements to Charity Navigators. 

What is a donor advisory? From their website:

Donor Advisory Supersedes Rating

Once the Committee determines that a Donor Advisory is warranted, the charity’s rating is replaced by the Advisory. We take this approach because issues that lead to the posting of an Advisory are, by definition, of a nature such that they either diminish our confidence in the data upon which the rating is based or suggest that other factors beyond our current rating dimensions are of significant concern. Furthermore, we believe that a charity’s results are the most critical factor in selecting a charity to support and the issues identified in the Donor Advisory may reduce the charity’s ability to create quality results.

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