2nd Blogiversary

August 29th marked the 2 year blogiversary of this little site (Nonprofit Update) to talk about nonprofit issues. I split off posts of interest to CPAs to another blog (Attestation Update) on October 14, 2010 and started Outrun Change on October 3, 2011. That site ponders the radical change around us and how we can stay ahead of it.

Thanks so much to those who have stopped by. I hope it has been a blessing to you.  In case you can’t tell, I’ve been having a blast.

Most visitors and page views are coming in from internet search engines. That is really cool.

One of the best things in the last year is a growing number of people interested enough is my musings to follow by e-mail or Google RSS feed.  Thanks very much for stopping by.

For the second year, I will report some stats for my sites.  Here’s some stuff for those interested in such things. I will adjust this time around to an August 31 cutoff instead of the 29th.  I’ll list stats for this year with the prior year in parentheses.

I’ll provide this data for two reasons. First, to let those who may be interested in blogging see what data looks like for a really small blogger. Second, since I am active on three sites with different topics, it provides a test bed to see what different sites may look like for different blogs from the same author.

If you are at all familiar with blog stats, you will quickly see my blogs get a very low volume of traffic. Another thing that will jump out at you is the low number of page views per visitor. That means people don’t stick around at my site.

Number of unique posts (excludes all the cross-posts from one blog to another):

  • 144 at nonprofit update (268)
  • 137 at attestation update (129)
  • 201 at outrun change (0)
  • 482 total (397)

Number of page views (excluding those I generated):

  • 33,049 at nonprofit update (20,039)
  • 28,176 at attestation update (8,675)
  • 4,930 at outrun change (0)
  • 66,155 total (28,714)

Number of visitors (this is rather soft due to the limited tracking available on WordPress hosted sites– this is a very rough effort to get a visitor count based on looking at daily data):

  • 19,817 at nonprofit update (13,805)
  • 15,968 at attestation update (5,584)
  • 2,607 at outrun change (0)
  • 38,392 total (19,389)

Above data doesn’t include any stats for RSS feeds and probably doesn’t include any visitor counts for people following by e-mail. I don’t have a useable way to track that info.

Thanks again to everyone that has read the posts.

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