Should you hold onto your old traditions or embrace technology? Yes.

A few months ago I saw this message  in the back window of a car:

Traditional Latin mass

I really like that. Embrace your traditions from hundreds of years ago because they are highly important to you and embrace technology at the same time. It’s not one or the other.

I am not from the Roman Catholic tradition but understand this much: prior to the 1960s all worship services in the Roman Catholic community were in Latin. Since then, worship in the U.S. has been in English.

For the believers at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in San Diego, the Latin mass is still very important. They even have a website to tell you about it.


Reminds me of the debate in the evangelical world:

Missional or Doctrinal?

Should your ministry take a missional approach which means you place the top priority on having an impact in the world, building the kingdom using creative techniques, and creating as much outreach as possible?

Or should you place top priority on making sure your theological doctrine is exquisitely correct and maintaining high fidelity to the Scriptures?

How about Yes.

Focus as heavily and creatively as you can on outreach but don’t compromise your theological doctrine.

You can do both.

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