Ideas for using social media in crisis management

Deloitte Australia has a good list of tips for the social media aspects of managing a crisis. Planning beforehand is key.  It’s better to do some planning before you have a disaster, but life sometimes gets in the way of planning.

If you find yourself in a mess, their ideas will get you started.  If you want to do some planning, they have some good ideas.

A few key thoughts: 

  • respond quickly to get your facts out
  • stay engaged over the weekend
  • get your apology right the first time

The tips are part of the Deloitte Australia team’s Social Media Report 2012. The report provides overview on how their team is using social media. This would be useful for other organizations that don’t quite understand this social media thing and want to see how another organization got started using social media in their operations. Although written from a business perspective, the ideas will carry over directly to NPOs.

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