New blog!

Why am I starting a new blog, Outrun Change?  You can find it at  (Update – the blog name and address have been changed from what was set up at first.  Sorry for the confusion.)

The amount of change taking place today is staggering.  The rate of change is going to increase.  That change is making our knowledge and skills obsolete.  To keep up, we need to be learning and stretching to keep ahead of the radical change taking place around us.

At the Christian Leadership Conference in April 2011, Dr. Richard Swenson said that there will be 1,000 times more change in the next century than in the 20th century.  There was more change in the 20th century than the previous 5,000 years.  That is staggering.

My focus in the new blog will be on:

  • the massive changes taking place around us
  • what may be happening in the future
  • increasing our awareness of the changes
  • sort out how we can step up our learning to keep pace
  • maybe some ideas on how we can cope

I will be making this comment frequently:

We have two choices.

We can understand the change that is happening around us, accept that for reality, work within that framework, adapt to it, and then thrive.

Or we can get run over.

As I look around, I see big organizations, small companies, individuals, and my colleagues that are getting left behind.

The rate and volume of our learning needs to be larger and faster than the radical change that surrounds us.

One of the reasons for having a new blog is to allow this blog to stay focused on nonprofit issues of interest to the NPO community.  Posts that have a more futurist focus will be on the other blog.

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