Social media changes power relationships

Social media will likely change the power dynamics in the work realm.  Social media are widely credited for fueling the ”Arab Spring” that has swept dictators out of power and Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.  

We will see dramatic changes in the corporate world driven by employees and customers.  That is the theme of an article by David Kirkpatrick in Forbes, Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution.

Just a few stray ideas from the article and a few thoughts.

The ability of potential employees to research your company or ministry before the interview is incredible. Might be worth finding out what other people already know about you.

One author, Nadira Hira says:

Ordinary people often seem better at managing and accessing information than the giant corporations they work for or buy from. “Companies literally don’t know what’s being said about them,” says millennial maven Hira .“They don’t even Google themselves!”

Umm. Google your company or ministry name. You might not be amused at what you find.

Even better. Set up a free Google alert that will send you an e-mail any time the Google search engine finds a reference to your name.  You can set up any name or phrase in a Google alert.  You can set up a bunch of alerts.  Did I say it was free?

Another idea mentioned by the author. . . Lots of your staff have a profile set up at LinkedIn.  That is especially the case for your managers, and for all you CPA firms out there, every one of your staff.  Might be worth your effort to be nice to them since they all have a live resume online right now.  All available for search by recruiters and your competition.

Lots more ideas and trends in the article.  Check it out.

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