What is 3-D printing? Are replicators possible?

What if a replicator, like you see in the sci-fi movies, was a reality?

People who have developed the technology call it 3-D printing.

Why do I mention this? Because leaders in  the NPO world need to be thinking about what is down the road. We need to be arm-chair futurists. See the start of a series of my posts here, which were combined into one very long page here.

Café Hayek raises the conceptual question of what life might be like with a functioning replicator in the post A Source of Wealth or Stagnation?.  Here is the question: what would happen to GDP? 

I know my answer to the answer, but that itself is a topic for another day. (Hint, the answer is something in the range of take off, blossom, sky-rocket)

Then, in Replicators a Reality, Café Hayek points to a video showing the technology is already here.

In the video 3-D printing, check out the 3-D wrench:


If you accept what I think is the obvious answer to Cafe Hayek’s question, then it is really fun to consider how this would affect evangelism and mission work.  Wow. What do you suppose it would do for jungle flying?

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