Action plan to prevent fraud in local church

Previously discussed Weeds in the Garden, a superb book on fraud prevention for the local church.  The author, Verne Hargrave, has written a superb five-page summary in the Spring 2011 NACBA Ledger.

Main points in the Ten Ingredients of Effective Fraud Prevention are:

A strong organizational structure

A written organization plan

Keeping up with the times

Full disclosure financial statements

Compliance with the tax laws

Awareness of ALL sources of revenue

A well defined purchase approval and payment system

Comprehensive human resources planning

Posting a guard over fixed assets

A commitment to the future

Check out the article at the link above, which is at the Weeds in the Garden website

I cannot find the article at the NACBA website. The site does have a PDF of the current magazine available online, located here. The article starts on page 46. That copy will probably be replaced with the next issue.

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