Acme to replace Boeing as prime contractor on Space Launch System.

This blog does not discuss politics. Since I do discuss space exploration, I will cover an announcement from the new Biden administration that Boeing will be replaced as the prime contractor on the Space Launch System.

SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built for NASA. It will lift astronauts to space so they may explore the solar system.


The new prime contractor is Acme. You may have seen the products on television in the past.

The story has not received much publicity, so I’ll try to draw attention to this major change in federal policy.


In other April 1st news…

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Democracy and innovation will trump totalitarianism and lack of freedom. Of course, it helps to have cloaked starships that fire photon torpedoes at warp speed hitting their targets hundreds of thousands of kilometers away go up against death stars that manually target lasers using visual observation.

News reports you may have missed on history books you may have read – April 1

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Remember, it is April 1st.