Increasing volume of distressed sale of church properties

No surprise there.

The Wall Street Journal reports here the volume of churches going through distressed sale of their property has increased rapidly over the last couple of years.  In addition to a good background article, which I think you should read, there is a great pair of charts that gives good info.


“Nonprofit Starvation Cycle”

Stanford Social Innovation Review has a superb article on the cycle many NPOs have of starving themselves of critical infrastructure they need to be effective in their mission.

Superb summary: “The first step in the cycle is funders’ unrealistic expectations about how much it costs to run a nonprofit. At the second step, nonprofits feel pressure to conform to funders’ unrealistic expectations. At the third step, nonprofits respond to this pressure in two ways: They spend too little on overhead, and they underreport their expenditures on tax forms and in fundraising materials. (more…)