Giving trend information from ECFA survey

More news on giving trends.  The news recently is almost good news, sort of.  At least the news isn’t really bad.  ECFA just released their Nonprofit Economic Impact Survey.

For the first 10 months of 2010 compared to the same 10 months of 2009, giving is up for 20% of the respondents, about the same for 46% and down for 34%.

I really like the way they phrased the question.  About the same is defined as a change from up 5% to down 5%.  Nice definition – a 5% variance.  So for the 20% who saw an increase, that means the change was more than 5%.

Another question asks whether the organizations expected to end 2010 with a surplus, deficit, or income and expense about equal.  Responses:  31% expect a surplus, 42% expect about even, 27% expect a deficit.

ECFA’s survey results are visually very pleasant.  You might want to make note of the source they used for their survey.  Check out the other 5 questions.

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