AB 1181 scheduled for floor vote in Senate on August 26.

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Wow. Things are happening fast.

AB 1181 is scheduled as item 201 of 250 for the California Senate’s floor session at 2 p.m. this upcoming Monday, 8/26/19.

Status page for the bill shows the schedule at the bottom of this page. The Senate’s calendar can be seen here. Select the dates you wish. The agenda for 8/26/19 is here.

I don’t know how these things work. What I can see though is 250 bills scheduled for 8/26 with zero items scheduled for the floor session on 8/27 that starts at 9 a.m. and zero items scheduled for the 9 a.m. regular session on 8/28.

Take a look at the bills scheduled for the 26th.

I looked at a dozen before AB 1181 (#201) and ten after. Most of them were passed with either zero or one “no” votes in the Assembly. Only a few had 15 or 20 in opposition. That means only a few passed the Assembly with as low as 76% in favor. All of the bills I looked at cleared the Senate committees either unanimously or with only 1 no vote.

As I looked at those 20 odd bills, it almost seemed to me like a consent agenda.

With minimal opposition during the legislative process, a strongly worded floor analysis, FASB deciding it is not going to address the valuation issue, and public opposition fading (see this morning’s post), I will make an easily defendable guess that 1181 will pass by a large margin.

If anyone has ears to hear, there are only a few hours left to stop this locomotive that has a full head of steam. (Pardon the mixed metaphor.)

Anyone have any ideas? Perhaps the time to fix the overvaluation issue on our own has now expired:

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