Primer for local churches on legal and finance issues from Church Law & Tax

A 21 page e-book, Protecting our Ministry with Integrity, is available from Church Law & Tax, which is the writing platform for Richard Hammar. If you are new to leadership in the church world, he is one of the leading writers on legal issues in the community.

At the price of signing up for future sales pitches (when you consider the quality of the resources available, that is a really low cost), you can read about:

Defending Youth Ministries from Critical Risks

Doubling the tragedy of inexcusable harm to minors is that the article says many incidents are preventable

#1 Reason Churches Go to Court Remains the Same

In the last four years, three reasons are on the list of top five causes each year:  sexual abuse of a minor, insurance coverage disputes, and personal injury.

When Gifts Come with Strings Attached

Develop a policy before you get a weird gift that costs your church more than it is worth.

Tax Guide Timeline

11 Common Errors Made by Churches in Complying with the Payroll Tax Reporting Rules

Handling taxes for a minister is complex. Check out the list for a variety of mistakes to avoid.

A Look at Salaries and Benefits for Solo Pastors

Creating a Safety Team

The e-book cross-sells some of the many resources available from Church Law & Tax. If you realize you need more information, there is more available. If not, the book is quite helpful just by itself.

Full disclosure: I have no financial interest in any of their materials. I do subscribe to one CL&T quarterly newsletter.

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