ECFA provides two books on tax issues for churches and clergy; ‘price’ is just to register at their site

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is graciously making two resources available for the really low price of registering at their website.

I encourage churches and parachurch organizations to seriously consider becoming accredited members of ECFA.

As you ponder doing so, you really ought to register at their site. They provide a variety of information even for those who merely register. If you do that, which already makes sense, then the books free.

Check out two free resources. These are extracts of two books that already ought to be on your shelves, but if not, grab the condensed versions. The books can be found on this page or at the links in the following paragraph.

As the ECFA email says (which I quote):

Download these booklets by registering on the ECFA website: Preparing Tax Returns for Clergy (nearly 60 pages, for 2015 individual tax return filing and Reporting Procedures for Congregations (over 70 pages, for filings required early in 2015). These booklets are written by Dan Busby, CPA, Michael Martin, JD, and John Van Drunen, JD, CPA.

Just downloaded copies for myself and glanced at them. You will find a wealth of helpful information.

Oh, did I mention the two books are free?

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