Trying to make the world less miserable is complicated and messy

One of the big reasons I blog is to help me sort out this big, complicated, messy world.

“J”, an anonymous blogger and novelist at AidSpeak, helps in general and especially with his recent post It’s a Crappy World.

He points out 5 of the tensions and paradoxes of the aid and development world. Lots to ponder.

Some I was a bit aware of, and some not. Each of the points connects to a lot of interrelated issues.

Accountability and transparency are especially complicated and messy.

He suggests donors are never accountable to anyone. Very good point. How’s that for a mind stretcher?

He doesn’t have any answers in this post. Just questions.

If you want to stretch your understanding of the complexity of helping others to have a less miserable life, check out the article. Several of these issues apply when working with people from your home culture from within your home culture.

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