Portion of telemarketing proceeds retained by charities in Michigan

Previously mentioned that in 2012 California charities retained 37% of the total proceeds raised by telemarketing firms. In New York, the percentage going to the charities was 38%.

The Michigan Attorney General released their report on telemarketing campaigns in the state for 2013 –  

Percentage of total amounts raised going to charities averaged 38%. This is an increase from 35% in 2012.

The AG’s report can be found here. Glance through it to see some of the big names in the news.

I noticed one fundraiser that is often in the news had results that ranged from 15% to 20% of the funds going to the charity. One fundraiser I tend to trust that calls me frequently on behalf of a charity I support forwards from 20% to 50% to their clients. I will continue to decline those phone solicitations.

Craines’ Detroit Business describes the Report: 38% of donations solicited by professional fundraiser reach charities.

Here’s my recap of info from state AGs for the portion of telemarketing proceeds retains by charities:

  • 2012  2013   state
  • 37%              California
  • 38%              New York
  • 35%   38%   Michigan

(h/t: tweet from Brian Mittendorf @CountingCharity)

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