Capin Crouse acquires small New York firm

Accounting Today reports CapinCrouse Bolsters its Nonprofit Services

The article says CapinCrouse has acquired the firm of Lambrides, Lamos, Taylor CPAs LLP.

The combined size according to the article is 16 partners and over 130 staff.

A page at the Capin website announces the acquisition.

Full disclosure:  I worked in the Los Angeles office of Capin for a dozen years before starting my firm. I serve the same market they do. That means I am a little bitty competitor to Capin. Also, I have taken public positions on this blog, Nonprofit Update, that are critical of the accounting positions taken by several of the firm’s clients.

Filter my comments as you wish.

It looks like this means the addition of one partner based on the Accounting Today article, the Capin announcement, and a count of the firm’s partners here.

It is the first acquisition by Capin that I’m aware of. They have brought in people at the partner level, but to my knowledge not a firm.

Why a blog post? Capin is a major player in the religious nonprofit community.

Again, filter my comments as you wish.

(Hat tip: Bill)

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