Upcoming posts – Thoughts from Christian Leadership Alliance conference, May ‘13

I attended the CLA conference in Anaheim this week. Had a great time. It was a blast visiting with a lot of the lenders and other CPA firms serving the nonprofit community. (Yes, yes, you can pray for me that I enjoy visiting with accountants and bankers.)

General sessions were superb as usual. The selection of breakout sessions was good (not superb as in the past, but still very good).

Here are a few topics for posts to I want to write soon.

Resource books

Found two superb books I want to read and then discuss. One dealing with board training and the other on asset protection for churches.

Lender’s criterion for loans

I visited with four lenders who want make loans to churches and found the quantitative measures they generally look at have changed in the last couple of years.

Outsourced accounting

Several CPA firms have been operating an outsourcing service to churches and some have added the service. This is essentially providing all the accounting services for a local church from a remote location. This is something that could benefit lots of churches. I’d like to accumulate a list of the CPAs who focus on outsourcing for churches.

Miscellaneous posts for near future

Found lots of ideas from sessions to write about.

While I’m at a conference like this I chuckle at the concept some people have that there is noting to write about. I usually wind up with so many ideas that my concern is how to find the time to get them all into print. Um, into pixels?

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