Getting started on using a blog as a website

Previous post here suggesting using a blog as a website if the needs for a website are very simple.


The costs are surprisingly low. Apart from the time needed to learn the software and set up the blog, here are the likely costs:

  • $0 – set up WordPress blog

I would recommend the following additional features as a minimum:

  • $30 – no ads on the bottom of the blog
  • $12 – unique domain name – That way the URL will look something like instead of That looks far nicer. You can get this from GoDaddy or any one of a number of other low-cost domain name registrars.
  • $15 – have WordPress accept your domain name host forwarding all traffic to their site. The traffic from the ‘net goes to your domain name at your registrar and the registrar forwards the traffic to WordPress.

So I’m estimating that for under $60 a year you could have a simple, easy-to-maintain web site using blog software.

Articles to get you started

Here are a few articles I found on the ‘net after a moments search that give some ideas how to set up a blog. 

I found several articles that were a big help to me when converting my first site. Of course I can’t find those articles now. Oh well.

To get started check out these two articles:

Update: Here are my other posts on using a blog as a website

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